Excellent Home Remedies For Breast Cysts


Excellent Home Remedies For Breast Cysts

Studies have revealed that over 60% of women get breast cysts at least once in their lifetime. And while most of these breast cysts usually remain as benign lumps without causing side effects, some can actually turn cancerous with time or cause symptoms that can be hard to handle.

Some of the main symptoms associated with breast cysts include breast tenderness, discomfort, pain, swelling, appearance of lumps on the skin surface, feeling of heaviness, itchy nipples or increased nipple sensitivity etc. These symptoms can either be mild or extremely severe. The usually increase in intensity and frequency before and during the menstrual cycles.

Excellent Home Remedies For Breast Cysts

The symptoms of breast cysts can be easily managed at home with the help of certain home remedies. However, it is considered essential to remember that breast cysts can signal a much, more serious underlying condition. Therefore, it is always considered best to check with a doctor and take some tests to ascertain the nature of the cysts before trying out these home remedies.

1. Apply Ice Packs And Cold Compresses

Applying ice packs or cold compresses on the breasts can bring down the discomfort, pain and inflammation caused by breast cysts. The best way to do this would be to wrap a towel or soft cloth around some ice cubes (crushed ice or a bag of frozen peas would also do) and place the cloth on the breasts for about 15 minutes. Use Of Cold Compress Remedy

This remedy can also reduce breast soreness and tenderness to an extent. Repeating the procedure at least twice every day can help offer immense relief from the symptoms of breast cysts.

2. Apply Hot Compresses

Women who do not seem to benefit with cold compresses can opt for the exact opposite hot compresses to relieve the pain and swelling caused by breast cysts. A heating pad placed over the breasts for about 15 minutes at regular intervals throughout the day can offer desirable results. Dipping a towel or soft cloth in a tub filled with hot water and then placing it on the breasts can also offer intermittent relief from the symptoms of breast cysts.
Use Of Hot Compress Remedy

Foods To Eat In Order To Treat Breast Cysts

Increasing the intake of certain foods can help reduce the symptoms of breast cysts, and reduce their occurrences as well. These include:

3. Vegetables

Fresh green vegetables act as excellent sources of natural diuretics that help flush out excess fluids and harmful toxins from the body which may otherwise lead to the formation of breast cysts and aggravate symptoms like breast pain and inflammation. The best options would include cabbages, parsley, cucumbers and other leafy greens etc.

Fruits and Vegetables As Diet Remedy

4. Sea Vegetables

Sea vegetables like kelp, dulse and nori are also excellent natural sources of iodine and can help prevent iodine deficiency in the body, thereby treating breast cysts and preventing their recurrence as well.In addition to their natural form, these sea vegetables can be obtained as seasonings (powder form) which can be added to dishes while cooking.

Add Sea Vegetables To Diet

5. Fish

Iodine deficiency in women has often been linked to the occurrence of breast cysts. Replenishing the iodine stores in the body can therefore help bring down the occurrence of breast cysts and their symptoms to a minimum.

Oily Fish

And one of the best natural sources of iodine happens to be fish. In addition to containing plenty of Omega 3 fatty acids (excellent anti-oxidants that help flush out harmful toxins from the body), fishes like trout, salmon and mackerel contain plenty of iodine which can help reduce the formation of breast lumps (those caused by iodine deficiency).

6. Cosmetic Products

Certain cosmetic products can cause hormonal imbalances in the body which can lead to the development of breast cysts. For instance, certain herbal cosmetics contain a substance called ginseng which is known to have estrogen like effects in the body. These cosmetics would have a steroidal effect on the body and cause breast cysts in addition to aggravating the symptoms of existing cysts.

Cosmetic Products

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7. Vitamin E

Studies have revealed that increased intake of Vitamin E can help reduce the symptoms of breast cysts, including pain, tenderness and soreness. Vitamin E is also known to reduce the size of existing breast lumps.

Vitamin E

The best natural sources of Vitamin E include green leafy vegetables, vegetable oils, fortified cereals and nuts etc. Vitamin E supplements can also be taken on a regular basis for the same result.

Potential Triggers To Avoid

The occurrence of breast cysts can be reduced to a great extent if certain triggers are avoided during the treatment phase and afterwards. These include:

8. Meat And Poultry

Nowadays, farm animals are injected with additional hormones to stimulate growth. These hormones tend to remain in their bodies for long periods. Therefore, eating meat and poultry can aggravate the development of breast cysts, especially during the menstrual cycle when the body experiences a sudden surge in the hormonal levels.

Fish And Lean Poultry Meat

9. Salt

Increased intake of salty foods or excess use of salt in cooked dishes can lead to water retention during menstruation which in turn can increase breast sensitivity and bloating.
Epsom Salt

This can further aggravate the symptoms of breast cysts. Cutting down on salt intake (especially during the menstrual cycle) can help reduce the symptoms of breast cysts to a great extent.

10. Caffeinated Beverages And Sodas

Drinks like tea, coffee, beer, wine and soft drinks contain chemicals called methylxanthines that stimulate the increased production of stress hormones which in turn can lead to the increased development of breast cysts in addition to aggravating symptoms like breast tenderness, pain and inflammation caused by the cysts.

Caffeinated Beverages And Sodas

11. Whole Grains

Hormonal imbalances can also lead to the formation of breast cysts or lumps in certain cases. As such, eating whole grain foods like brown rice and wheat bread can help treat existing breast cysts and prevent recurrences. Foods high in fiber can also help reduce the occurrence of breast cysts. Excellent sources of fiber include vegetables and fruits.
Whole Grains

12. Finding The Right Bra

Almost 80% of women out there either wear the wrong sized bra or opt for a different cup shape to accentuate their assets. A BIG mistake! A wrong sized or shaped bra would only add to the discomfort caused by breast cysts. A well fitted bra on the other hand would help support the breasts and reduce symptoms like heaviness and pain to a great extent. It is also considered wise to opt for a larger sized bra during menstruation when the breasts usually swell up (for that period only).

Finding The Right Bra

13. Doing Regular Exercises

An ideal body weight can play an important role in controlling the occurrence of breast cysts. Excess fat in the body would lead to the increased production of estrogen which in turn would have a steroidal effect on the body and cause hormonal imbalances.

Regular Exercises

Excessive levels of estrogen in the body is known to cause breast lumps. Therefore, exercising regularly would help women maintain an ideal weight and thwart off conditions like breast cysts in the process.