9 Effectual Home Remedies For Sore Breasts


Sore Breasts

Sore breasts occur due to few reasons such as illness, menstruation and pregnancy. Before the beginning of periods, women suffer from swelling and pain in their breasts. Sore breasts can also be one of the signs of early pregnancy. Breast soreness can also generate from excess weight, hormonal problems, less intake of water and excessive dieting. They may also pain if you sleep on your stomach for many hours. If women are having sore breasts most of the times, fibro cysts may be cause for which you may grow lumps in the breasts and she should quickly show your doctor.

If the soreness is not that severe, she should first try out few beneficial home remedies that will shrink down the pain. If only the pain lasts longer, only then she should take medications prescribed by the doctor. Hence we’ve presented 9 effectual home remedies for sore breasts.

Home Remedies For Sore Breasts

Nutritious Diet

Your proper diet is certainly necessary for the right shape of your breasts. The soreness of breasts will diminish with the right intake daily. You should eat citrus fruits such as berries, grapefruits, limes and oranges.

Nutritious Diet

You should also consume green veggies like broccoli, kale, spinach, cabbage, cauliflower, collards, lettuces and mustard greens. Drinking protein shakes and milk will act as an advantage. Therefore you need to plan out your diet that will comprise of good amounts of vitamin, mineral, protein and sodium foods.


The soreness of breasts can also be warded off with the ingestion of ground flaxseeds. You can include 1 tablespoon of ground flaxseed either in your drink or in your food.


You can grind the whole flaxseeds in the mixer or food processor, and further add them in protein shakes, yogurt, cereal or any other food, and consume it. You should always keep the flaxseeds in the freezer before you utilize them.



Exercise is yet another home remedy you can do to reduce the soreness. You can begin with half-an-hour of walking daily. You can also perform breast exercises such as chest press, push-ups, pectoral flys, ab planks, and dumbbell lateral shoulder raise. You should work out these breast exercises once or twice a day, in the morning or in the evening.

Heated Pad

Heat Pad

In order to ease the soreness and pain from your breasts, you can utilize a heating pad or heated towel by placing on them. You can dip the towel in warm water, squeeze out the water and place it on the breasts for few minutes, or else you can also leave the heated compress for 15 to 20 minutes till the pain has lowered down. You can repeat the process for few days once or twice per day.

Raw Cabbage Leaves

The soreness of the breasts will also ease down with the use of cabbage leaves. You can take out few raw cabbage leaves and place them on your breasts and wrap with a towel for an hour. After three hours the soreness will go away.

Bag of Ice

A bag of ice will really work wonders for your breasts as the soreness will vanish gradually. You can take hot bag and fill it with ice cubes, and then place the bag on your breasts for an hour or so. You can also put some ice cubes in a towel and wrap it and lay on your breasts. The soreness will lessen steadily in an hour.

Sleeping Posture

Sleeping posture is significant for preventing the breast soreness. Either you should sleep sideways or sleep on your back, as per doctor’s advice.

Sleep sideways

These sleeping postures will help you to avoid the breasts from getting squashed against your body weight. Do not sleep on your stomach because it exerts pressure on your breasts and when you wake up you’ll feel the soreness at particular points of your breasts.

New Bra as Appropriate Support

It is very important for the women to wear new and fitted bra which can lessen the soreness in the breasts. Soreness occurs if breasts are not provided with appropriate support. The right size of bra made of breathable material can make you comfortable too after wearing it. Pubescent girls as well as women commonly experience soreness in the breasts. They need to wear good quality and exact size bras. If their breasts are large, they should select thin padded bras that support and lend a high degree of comfort.

Regular Massage

Massaging your breasts with essential oils will relieve you from the soreness. In the morning before you take a bath, you can massage the breasts by using coconut, almond or olive oils daily. You should massage them in clockwise and anticlockwise directions. You should also execute it before and during your periods. In few days time the soreness will lessen fully.

Therefore women can apply the above home remedies that will fend off the soreness of breasts.