Treatment Of Diverticulitis With 6 Useful Diets


Treatment Of Diverticulitis

Diverticulitis is a common condition seen mainly in the people over 40. It occurs when small pouches identified as diverticula that grow in the digestive tract and alongside become inflamed causing severe pain. The people will come across symptoms of diverticulitis such as irritation, fever, nausea, abdominal pain and changes in bowel movements. Immediate treatment is required to minimize the diverticulitis.The patients should ingest around 20 to 35 grams of fiber each day for fighting against diverticulitis. Men should eat 38 grams of fiber per day and women should eat 25 grams of fiber. Doctors will advise them to have vegetables and fruits from where they’ll gain fiber. They’re also commended bed rest and appropriate medications. We’ve arrived with 6 useful diets for the treatment of diverticulitis.

Treatment Of Diverticulitis With 6 Useful Diets


Fruits For Diverticulitis
Fruits with high fiber have the ability to reduce the diverticulitis condition. It is known that one serving of fiber-rich fruits daily can cover ½ cup of fresh fruit, a medium size fruit, ½ cup dried fruit juice and 6 oz of 100% fruit juice that can help in stopping the diverticulitis attacks. Thus you can consume good amounts of fruits such as fresh apples with skin, dried apples, dates, raspberries, oranges, pears, bananas, figs, dates, apricots, grapefruits, cherries, nectarine, raisin, peaches, blueberries and blackberries.


Vegetables For Diverticulitis
Patients can also consume variety of vegetables that can ward off diverticulitis to a great extent. Your one serving of vegetables rich in fiber in the meal should normally include ½ cup raw or cooked vegetables, 1 cup greens, ½ cup of dried peas or beans along with 6 oz. of 100% vegetable juice. You should make sure to ingest distinct vegetables that have high fiber such as broccoli, sprouts, asparagus, spinach, green beans, beet, onions, peas, green pepper, sweet potatoes, skinned potatoes, turnip greens, squash, tomatoes, cabbage, romaine lettuce, kidney beans, navy beans and lima beans. You need to make changes in the vegetables daily which will even give you distinct taste.

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Drugs and Medications to Treat Diverticulitis

Eggs, Fish And Chicken

Eggs, Fish And Chicken For Diverticulitis
If you’re suffering from diverticulitis, you can try out some effective non-vegetarian foods. You should consume low fiber containing foods such as eggs, white fish, smoked salmon, tuna, tender chicken, chicken breasts and lean meat. You can eat 1 or 2 boiled eggs or prepare scrambled eggs in the breakfast. You can also boil the fish and chicken in the oven and sprinkle with pepper. Or else you can slightly fry them and eat them in lunch or dinner.


High fiber cereals are hugely helpful in lowering the diverticulitis. Cereals are also rich in calcium, carbohydrate, protein, sodium, iron, magnesium and B-complex vitamins. Whole cereals generally result in loss of nutrients. Thus you can consume white flour, white rice, white breads, whole grained breads, sugary cereals, wheat bran, bran flakes, brown rice, white rice, oatmeal, bran flakes, bulgar wheat and whole wheat bread.

Cereals For Diverticulitis

Seeds And Nuts

Seeds and nuts contain good amount of dietary fiber, carbohydrates and proteins that have the capacity to treat the diverticulitis problem. As seeds and nuts such as pine nuts, pulses, pistachio nuts, almonds and pumpkin seeds are considered healthy; you should include them in diet in small quantities. You can either have them in your breakfast or lunch or evening snack.

Seeds And Nuts For Diverticulitis

Milk, Yogurt and Cheese

Milk and specific milk products containing low fiber can fend off your diverticulitis. You can consume dairy products such as skimmed milk, yogurt and cheese that have low quantity of fiber in them. You can add the milk items in your breakfast on regular basis.

Therefore the patients can take the help of above foods and diminish their diverticulitis problem as soon as possible.

Milk, Yogurt And Cheese For Diverticulitis