Top Home Remedies For Breast Care

Breast Care

Breasts are the most beautiful and sensitive organ of a woman’s body. For keeping this important organ, healthy and beautiful, you must pay special attention on breast care. Pregnancy, irregular menstruation, breast feeding, illness and improper diet can affect the shape and size of your breast. To ensure that your breasts are healthy and beautiful from both inside and outside, all women should get a mammogram done every year and also perform monthly self examination. Report to your doctor immediately if you notice any irregularities.

Besides this, there are various home remedies using which you can keep your breasts in proper shape, improve the size of your breasts and prevent sagging. Keeping your breasts healthy and beautiful will enhance your confidence and self esteem. Here are some simple ways which you can use to restore the health and beauty of your breast.

Home Remedies For Breast Care

Weight Training

For maintaining firm breasts, do some weight bearing exercises. Incline chest press, flat chest press and pullovers are recommended for lifting and maintaining firm breasts. Lie down on the floor or a bench on your back. Keep light dumbbells in both your hands and stretch your arms upwards and bring them down. Inhale and exhale while doing this exercise.

Breathing Exercise

Perform pushups for targeting the entire chest area. Perform as many sets as you can. Incorporate a good exercise program that involves weights that can strengthen the muscles of the underlying breast tissue like free weights, pull ups and push-ups. These exercises will help to keep the breast in good shape and prevent sagging.

Maintain Your Body Weight

Maintaining a healthy body weight is crucial for the health and shape of your breast. If you are overweight, excess fat is also stored in your breasts. Just like other parts of the body, your diet plays a crucial role in maintaining and developing healthy breasts. Intake of protein is important for your breast health as protein is the essential building block for collagen and muscles. Along with protein, your diet must also include carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Include antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables in your diet. Substitute animal fats with fish oil and olive oil.

To allow your foods to move through the digestive tract quickly, eat lots of fiber rich foods like oatmeal, soybean and brown rice. For preventing increase of estrogen hormone in your body, limit the consumption of alcohol, cola, coffee and chocolate. Include good supplement like vitamin C, E and beta carotene in your diet. If you want to retain the firmness of your breasts, try to keep your weight consistent as gaining or losing weight can lead to sagging of breasts.



To keep your breasts smooth and firm, exfoliate your breast daily using a scrub that is collagen based and can replenish the skin cells. Use of a firming mask every week containing antioxidants will further prevent your breasts from aging. Wear a sports bra till the mask dries, and then remove the mask using warm water and a wash cloth.

Wear Supportive And Constructive Bra

Wear a well supportive bra, especially during breast feeding, athletic activities and even when you are sleeping. Hanging loose can put weight on the tissues and cause your breast to sag.

Massage The Breasts

Massage your breast every night using a good moisturizing cream to prevent wrinkles and keep your breast supple and soft. Massaging the breast clockwise and anti-clockwise will also improve circulation and keep your breasts in good shape.

Massage The Breast

Hydro-massage is another good technique used to prevent wrinkles in the breast area. To perform hydro massage, wash your breasts thoroughly with cold water and then massage for 10-15 minutes.