15 Benefits Of Lime For Skin Hair And Health


 Benefits Of Lime For Skin Hair And Health

Lime is an acidic fruit that really has many health benefits. Not only is lime suggested for internal consumption but the juice of the lime can be applied for many other purposes too. Lime is high on acidity and cleaning properties, which makes it ideal for health and skin care too. You can use the regular lime along with the peel and its juice or even the pulp. So the entire fruit is put to use.

Here Are Some Easy Ways To Use Lime-

1. For Cleaning Face

One of the easiest ways to use lime would be for cleansing the face. For this you have to mix lime with a bit a brown sugar and some honey. Then use it as a scrub for deep cleansing. It takes out impurities and helps you get brighter and shinier skin.

For Cleaning Face

2. Get Rid Of Oiliness

Oiliness is a problem that a lot of people contour during the rainy and summer seasons. Lime is a great astringent that helps to close the pores and get rid of this greasiness. Simply slice the lime and then rub the same all over the face. Press a bit to get some juices and then let it stay for about 15 minutes before washing off.

Tones Oily Skin

3. Avoid Pimples

Lime juice is known for closing the pores and taking out impurities. The acidity of the lime also kills bacteria that reduces germs and hence fights pimples. Apply juice all over the face and let it dry. Wash off with water.


4. For Lightening Skin Tone

A cool way to get rid of tan and also lighten skin tone would be application of lime juice all over the face. You can apply the lime juice on the face or even rub the pulp all over. The acidity helps to lighten skin tone and give you radiant skin.

Keeps Your Skin Healthy

5. Get Rid Of Pigmentation

Lime is rich in on vitamin c along with antioxidants that helps in getting rid of free radicals. It also fights the melanin problem by faster cell rejuvenation. Hence, you are able to get rid of pigmentation problems with ease.


6. Get Rid Of Dandruff

Lime juice is an excellent remedy for fighting dandruff. Simply mix some lime juice in a bit of olive or coconut oil, then rub this juice all over the scalp and massage gently. Rinse off to get gorgeous looking hair.


7. Add Bounce To Hair

Lime juice diluted with some water is a great rinse for dull and oily hair. Since it gets rid of oiliness and greasiness, pour this water all over the hair after shampooing. This helps to get rid of dullness and adds sheen and bounce to the hair.

Bounce To Hair

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8. For Glowing Skin

Take the peel of dried lime and mix it with some yogurt. Add some juice and fullers earth to the same. Apply this on the face and let it dry out naturally. Then rinse it off with some water to enjoy glowing and radiant skin.

glowing Skin

9. Stomach Cleanser

Lime juice is highly suggested for cleansing and detoxifying the stomach. Basically you need to consume lime juice with some water on empty stomach. It detoxifies by flushing out toxins and harmful chemicals from the body.

Ailing Stomach

10. For Weight Loss

Lime juice is known to cut fat and helps in boosting metabolism too. Consume lime juice with some water on empty stomach for at least 10 days. Sipping on this water all through the day aids in weight loss and fat loss too.

Aids Weight Loss

11. Getting Rid Of Smelly Hair

Smelly hair is a problem that happens because of excessive sweating. All that you need to do here is make a rinse of the peel of lime, which is really fragrant. Apply this water on the hair after washing and get rid of smelly hair issues.

smelly Hair

12. Combats Nausea

Nausea is experienced by mostly pregnant women. So lime juice is highly suggested for getting rid of the problem. Even if you have over eaten and feel nauseous, simply suck on a lime after burning it over the stove, the nausea feeling goes away almost immediately.


13. Boost Immunity

Vitamin C content is very high in limes. It is also this reason that consuming more of fresh and fragrant lime via water and in beverages helps to boost immunity. It fights cold and also gets rid of flu.

Improves Immunity

14. Aids Digestion

The acidity levels in lime juice are high and this helps to ease digestion. It has been seen that drinking at least a cup of warm water with lime juice helps to boost digestive juices that aid in faster digestion.

Digestion Benefits

15. Hydration

Lime juice is added to lemonades and other beverages to offer hydration and energy boosting benefits. Nutrient rich lime juice helps to improve energy levels and helps in reducing stress too.

Enhances Energy Levels