15 Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water

15 Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water

Lemon, the sour and tangy citrus fruit is a widely consumed flavouring agent. It is not consumed directly usually because it is sour, but adding it to food and drinks makes the flavour great. Adding it to water to make a lemonade is also a very popular drink that refreshes us. It is an age-old welcome drink, but nowadays people rather drink aerated colas and soft drinks which are not good for health. Lemon water besides being tasty is also healthy as it is a storehouse of many mineral and Vitamin C.  Let Us Take A Look At The Different Benefits You Can Derive Out Of Drinking Lemon Water.

Following Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water:


Lemons are rich in an anti-oxidant named d-Limonene which thoroughly cleanses the unwanted materials off the body. You can get cholesterol, gallstones and other toxic materials removed if you drink warm lemon water every morning.

Helps In Detoxification

Checks High Blood Pressure

Lemon water clears the blood passageway, the lymphatic system and thus making circulation easier and normalising blood pressure. Also, the potassium rich lemon helps reduce stress levels and water reduces body heat often experienced by hypertension patients.

Regulates Blood Pressure

Prevents Urinary Tracts Infections

Lemon water is rich in citrate compounds which clears the toxins stuck in the urinary tract that invite bacteria that in turn causes infections of the urinary tract. Lemon water is also a diuretic that promotes flushing out of urine faster. It is ideal to drink lemon water first thing in the morning after waking up.

Urinary Tracts Infections

Increases Energy Level

Lemon water energises instantly with its refreshing scent and high phosphorous, Vitamin B & C content. You can add some sugar to your lemon drink for instant energy too.

Heightens Your Energy Level

Hydrates Your Body

In summers lose not just water through sweating, but also salt and essential minerals. It is ideal to drink some lemon water regularly in such times. The water keeps you hydrated and nullifies the tiring effects of dehydration and lemon which is filled with minerals replenishes the mineral loss.

Hydrates Your Body

Clears Skin

The water in the lemon water does the primary job of fluxing out toxins and bacteria that cause pimples. Lemon is rich in Vitamin C which produces collagen and tightens skin. So make sure you drink one or two glasses of warm lemon water in the morning and in the evening.

Get professional Skin Care - Copy

Helps Losing Weight

You can lose fats by religiously drinking warm lemon and honey water every morning. Lemon simply dissolves the slimy fats accumulated inside our belly. Also, the pectin content in lemon makes lemon water an appetite suppressant.  Make sure you do not add sugar to your lemon water, because doing that would mar the weight loss effect of lemon water.

Aids Weight Loss

Aids Digestion

Lemon when combined with warm water gets a composition similar to that of our digestive juices. The liver gets especially activated and produces bile juice that digests fats and lipids. If you find yourself feeling bloated or experiencing signs of acidity, just get yourself a glass of lukewarm lemon water.

Improves Digestion

Strengthens Immunity

Vitamin C found in lemons is very essential to the body in fighting foreign bodies and stress. Lemon can also increase the body’s anti-microbial capacity and prevent bacterial infections. You are also less likely to catch cold and flu if you drink warm lemon water daily.

Improves Immunity

Fights Bad Breath

Bad breath is a common problem and lemon can help combat this odour in your breath. Simply drink lemon water, preferably warm and the antibacterial properties of the drink would kill the odour spreading bacteria in your mouth and wash off food remnants.

Fights Bad Breath

Normalises pH Levels

Lemon water naturally turns alkaline when it gets into our body and neutralises the excess acidity that is there in our system. Thus it normalises the pH level of the body that creates many kinds of pains.


Weakens Cancer Cells

Cancer cells slowly kill the body. The process is hastened if your body does not get enough oxygenated blood. Lemons have anti-oxidants that make the environment unfriendly for cancer cells of various kinds. Thus having lemon water regularly helps combating cancer to a certain extent.

Prevents Cancer

Uplifts Mood

Lemons have an energising scent and lemon water’s taste is also refreshing. The negative ions present in lemon water creates energy in the body and its flavour and scent uplifts the mood. So if you are feeling depressed or anxious, you know what to sip to get a boost of confidence and good mood.

Mood Lifter

Cure Hangover

If you were loose on drinking the night before, you surely see the headache and hangover in the morning. Warm lemon water is your most trustworthy cure at that time. It not just reduces the headache, but also clears the stomach of the heaviness of the alcohol.

Relief From Hangover

Improves Eyesight

Vitamin C is very essential for eye-functioning. Since you get plenty of this vitamin in lemon water, you can have a good eyesight from drinking it.

Improves Eyesight

Now that you know how wonderful lemon water can be for your health, we are sure you are going to make it a daily habit to drink lemon water and also suggest it to your family and friends.