10 Surprising Home Remedies Of Ginger

10 Surprising Home Remedies Of Ginger

Ginger is generally used as a spice and its aromatic and sweet flavor adds a unique taste to your dish. Not only that, ginger comes with the medicinal power and it has been used as home remedies for many ailments, the home remedies are easy to make and effective too. From cold to digestion issues, ginger can cure problems and gives relief as well. The home remedies made with ginger give an instant relief from headache and nausea and there are other benefits as well.

Here 10 Ginger Home Remedies Are Given Below:

Ginger And Honey For Cold:

If you are suffering from cold and cough, you can try this home remedy. All you need to do is take a piece of ginger and chew it with a spoon of honey. It gives you an instant result if you are suffering from cough. You can also make a ginger solution with ginger, honey and lemon and you can preserve it in your freeze for 3 months. For this ginger solution, cut lemon in quarter and pour it in a jar and then add grated ginger and honey, stir well. When you drink, add hot water and this mixture in your cup.

Common Cold

Ginger For Headache:

The painful headache takes away your sleep and to get rid of this issue, ginger juice is very effective medicine. Crush the ginger and boil it with the water, then filter the liquid and drink it. You can also take ginger vapor and can apply ginger paste on your forehead for curing the headache issue.

Helps In Preventing Headache

Ginger Tea Cures Sore Throat:

If you have a sore throat issue and feel dry and itchiness in your throat, you can make ginger tea to treat this issue. Prepare tea with the grated ginger and drink it hot that gives a calming effect to your throat.

Sore Throat

Raw Ginger For Vomiting And Motion Sickness Issue:

Chew or keep a small ginger piece in your mouth that curbs down the vomiting feeling and change your taste. Chewing a piece of ginger is also a good treatment for motion sickness as well.


Ginger Juice For Digestion:

A simple ginger extract can heal your digestion problem. Take one teaspoon of ginger juice with pepper after having your meal.

Improves Digestion

Ginger With Warm Water For Menstrual Cramp:

The menstrual cramp is very painful and unbearable. You can prepare a ginger solution by boiling 1 inch ginger in water for 15 minutes and drink it when the solution becomes lukewarm. It gives relief from menstrual cramp problem.

Ailing Stomach

Ginger Paste For Arthritis:

If you are suffering from joint pains and arthritis problem, ginger paste can be your best homemade medicine. Make a ginger paste with the raw turmeric fruits and apply it on the pain areas. As ginger has an anti-inflammatory effect, it cures this problem.

Treats Arthritis

Ginger For Heart Disease:

Ginger can decrease the cholesterol level of the body so the regular ginger intake with your diet can keep your heart healthy and it reduces the chances of cots.

Protects Your Heart

Ginger Concoction For Ulcer:

You can prepare a ginger concoction by mixing water or milk for curing ulcer issue. You can take this solution regularly.


Ginger Tea For Curing Skin Disease:

Include ginger tea in your diet to get relief from skin irritation, especially the eczema problem. To make the ginger tea, cut ginger pieces first and then boil the pieces in the water for 10 to 15 minutes. Strain the tea and add sweet flavor. This ginger tea has an anti-bacterial effects and it is also good for your skin.

Treats Skin Irritation