6 Secrets To Boost Metabolism Fast


6 Secrets To Boost Metabolism Fast

Metabolism means chemical reactions that happen inside cells of living organism, it is actually a chemical transformation process. Metabolism is divided into two parts. In the first part, it is breaking down of organic matter (food we eat) inside cell by way of cellular respiration. This part is called catabolism. The second part is known as anabolism. This process builds up the components of cell like protein and nucleic acids. Easily speaking digestion is one such example of metabolism. Sometimes people complain that in spite of their low intake of food they are getting fatty. Some people eat too much food but they are skinny. Both people have poor metabolic rate. Because of poor metabolic rate your body may not burn calories fast and you will not get adequate energy or nutrients. Most of the foods remain unutilized and in some cases instead of supplying energy it is stored inside body and may turn you an obese who lacks vitality. This is a problem. You may get medicine to boost up your metabolism over the counter. However, these medicines actually create pressure on your kidney. They also have side effects. Nonetheless, you can boost your metabolism fast naturally. A little change in your daily diet and in the daily routine may boost your metabolism fast.

Here Are The 6 Secrets To Boost Metabolism Fast

Brisk Walking In Morning And At Night:

Sedentary lifestyle slows down your metabolic rate. A little exercise is needed to assist in your body to secrete digestive enzymes so that they can digest food properly. Thirty minutes of brisk walking in the morning and at night after dinner is needed to improve your metabolic rate. So, get up early in the morning and go for a walk. Apart from this walking do some freehand exercises and yoga to enliven your enzyme secretion.

Brisk Walking In Morning And At Night

Drink Lemon Honey Daily:

Start your day with lemon honey. Take a cup of lukewarm water, squeeze one lemon and add a teaspoon honey in it. Stir well and drink this lemon water in empty stomach. This not only helps to clear your bowels, it also improves your metabolic rate and reduces fat.

Drink Lemon Honey Daily

Do Not Skip Meals:

People have a wrong notion that to cut off excess fat means to cut off meals. Never cut off meals. If you skip meals it will lower the metabolic rate and you will gain fat. So never skip meals especially the breakfast.

Do Not Skip Meals

An Ideal Diet:

An ideal diet is needed in order to improve your metabolic rate. Eat fibrous foods for proper digestion. Green and leafy fresh vegetables like spinach, parsley, coriander, etc. are needed in order to supply nutrients to your body and to boost metabolic rate. Add fresh fruits and vegetables in large quantity to your daily diet and reduce the intake of oil, protein and carbohydrate. This will help a lot to enhance your metabolism and to bring you in a good shape.

An Ideal Diet

An Adequate Sleep:

Adequate sleep is necessary for better metabolism. If you sleep less your body will produce more cortisol and this hormone triggers your appetite. So the less you sleep, the more cortisol production in body, the more you feel hungry, the more is your intake of food and the ultimate result is obesity due to poor metabolism. So, do not hesitate to follow the routine “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”.

An Adequate Sleep

Say No To Smoking And Alcoholism:

Stay away from smoking and alcoholism. Both practices are not good for health. These habits hamper your appetite and slow down metabolism. People with these habits not only suffer from obesity but also from other different diseases.

Say No To Smoking And Alcoholism

So, follow these practices and improve your metabolic rates.