5 Homemade Remedies For Kids Cough


Homemade Remedies For Kids Cough

Coughing is the result of inflammation and contamination of the cells that form the lining of the respiratory passage. When contaminated, these cells which are responsible for producing mucus start producing excessive mucus which leads to disturbance and irritation in the respiratory tract and leads to coughing. Coughing allows excess mucus to be thrown out.

Coughing can either be dry or be accompanied by phlegm; however in either case it is important that the treatment should focus on the cause of the cough. We are providing here a list of natural home remedies that will aid your cough treatment and will provide you with desired relief.

Remedies For Curing Kid’s Cough

1. Garlic Tea

Garlic tea is an age old home remedy that provides instant relief from cough. Garlic’s healing properties work wonders when it comes to treating the frustrating cough. Peel two or three fresh garlic cloves and prepare hot garlic tea by boiling these peeled cloves in water and using raw honey as the sweetening agent.

Simmer for at least fifteen minutes and then let the tea cool. You can then add some lemon juice and also pepper for a pleasing taste and aroma. Strain the garlic and enjoy drinking the tea!

Garlic Tea

2. Have Grapes

Grapes should be a major constituent in your diet if you’re suffering from cough. Not only do they tone the lungs, they also help in the release of excessive mucus.Enriched with phytochemical nutrients, grapes also help control cough due to asthma. The healing properties of grapes can be enhanced greatly if consumed along with some raw honey.

Have Grapes

3. Chicken Soup For Cough And Cold

How they always advise to have chicken soup every time you’re struck by flu or cold? Their advice is indeed wise and should be followed immediately every time cold and cough strike. High amount of anti-oxidants and nutrients present in the chicken soup kick out the cold completely when drunk fresh and hot. It also provides relief from cough and add to overall health of the body.

Chicken Soup For Cough And Cold

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4. Mullein Tea

Chest congestion that is the most immediate symptom of cold, cough and flu is relieved greatly by Mullein tea which helps in releasing excessive mucus and provides relief to the respiratory passage.Mullein tea can be prepared by steeping dried mullein in boiling water for at least ten minutes. Raw honey can be used to sweeten the tea. Drink the tea hot and fresh for best results.

 Mullein Tea

5. Raw Honey And Lemon

Lemon and honey work great in conjunction with each other especially when it comes to cough and sore throats. Mixture prepared using raw honey and fresh lemon juice provides the much desired relief to the sore throat which otherwise produces a tickling sensation triggering cough.

Raw honey is a nutritional treasure and it is both anti-bacterial and anti-viral in nature which makes it an excellent fighter against cough. Lemon boasts of large amount of Vitamin C and anti-oxidants which strengthen the immune system and help in healing. When taken in combination, these two remedies work perfectly. Just add juice of half a lemon to two tablespoons of raw honey and consume it.

Raw Honey And Lemon