6 Home Remedies For Baby Cold


Home Remedies For Baby Cold

Babies catch cold and flu very easily. Some of the most prevalent causes of baby cold are temperature fluctuation in the atmosphere, cold spread in the family to any member and viral infections.Though, there are various medicated treatments available to cure baby cold, but the home remedies offer instantaneous relief to babies.

Best Home Remedies For Baby Cold


Steaming For Baby Cold

Offering steam provides relief from choked nose to the babies. Choked nose causes breathing problem in babies. Nonetheless, providing steam opens the blocked nose.

Certain vaporizers can be added to the water. This increases the effectiveness of the steam. However, direct steaming over hot air container covered with a cloth is not a good idea for infants. Instead, they should be given a hot water bath. This eases the tight mucus accumulated in the body and chest congestion also improves.

Vapor Rub Recipes

Vapor Rub For Baby Cold

There are various vapors available in the market. However, some homemade vapors are far better than the strong vapor rubs present in the markets. One of the best homemade vapor rub for babies is a combination of coconut oil, primrose oil, rosemary oil and beeswax.

This vaporizer eases breathing and is hundred percent safe. All the ingredients should be heated in a pan and when the mixture gets cool, it should be applied on the feet of the baby. All these ingredients are speedily absorbed by the feet. It offers a much better relief to little kids suffering from cold and flu, since all the ingredients are anti-bacterial and anti-viral.

Feed Lukewarm Water

Lukewarm Water For Baby Cold

Drinking water is very essential for babies, especially when they catch cold. Since children are prone to dehydration due to the consumption of medicines during cold, they should be fed with ample of water. However, it is a good home remedy to add a little salt to lukewarm water and feed the same to the child.

Lukewarm water melts the accumulated cough in the chest, which eases the process of breathing. On the other hand, Salt offers dual benefits. Firstly, it adds taste to water and kids drink it easily. Secondly, salt improves respiration. This is because; salt converts water into a hypertonic solution. This results in clearing the adamant mucus along the respiratory linings.

Chamomile Tea

This homemade remedy for baby cold is meant for babies more than 6 months. Chamomile offers antiseptic, anti bacterial and anti viral properties. For this reason, it effectively fights back the infection causing bacteria and viruses. It also eases the cramps and pain in the muscles caused due to cold.

Glycine is a natural nerve relaxant in the body that reduces the sensation of pain. Chamomile triggers the secretion of Glycine, which results in reduced pain. Chamomile tea is a homemade as well as herbal remedy for baby cold.

Chamomile Tea For Baby Cold

Warm Coconut Oil Chest Massage

Warm coconut oil is a breather for babies suffering from the problem of cold. The smell of coconut oil is non-irritating for infants and toddlers, both. Thus, it can be used as a good option for choked nose due to cold. A gentle massage of coconut oil on the chest of the baby helps the baby in breathing better.

Some of the oil is seeped inside the chest through the skin, which results in reduced grip of mucus. The blocked nose is also opened due to the smell that rises. Thus, it eases the children suffering from cold and flu. Since coconut oil is naturally warm, it offers warmth to the body upon application.

Chest Massage For Baby Cold


Garlic is very potential in fighting back various symptoms of cold and flu. However, you cannot use any garlic cold recipe for kids smaller than 4 years of age. Boiling garlic in water and adding salt to it prepares a very strong anti cold recipe. Garlic offers anti bacterial benefits and salt prepares a hypertonic solution.

Garlic For Baby Cold

This is one of the best remedies for sore throat due to cold. Infact, lemon ginger recipe adds taste and children enjoy the lemony salt taste of this powerful cold recipe. For those kids who relish sweeter taste over sour, honey can be added instead of lemon. All these ingredients are antibiotics that kill bacteria and viruses and strengthen the immune system. Thus, ginger recipes are very strong anti cold recipes for kids.

A home remedy that complements the age of your child should be adopted by you. This is in order to avoid any discomfort to the child. Some remedies may not be perfect for younger babies. Therefore, always keep your baby’s age in mind. Home remedies are better in cases of mild cold only. In extreme cold cases, proper medical diagnosis is necessary.

Some other home remedies for baby cold are chicken soup, head elevation while sleeping and honey. All these home remedies fight back cold in the best possible manner.

6 Home Remedies For Baby Cold