5 Cough Home Remedies for Adults


Cough causes a lot of discomfort. The most frequent causes of cough range from cold to changing weather conditions, viral infections, allergies and pollution. All these factors cause cough.Cough can sometimes lead to inflammation, which can even cause headache and fever. Certain home remedies offer a lot of relief to the people suffering from cough and its side effects. However, remedies should be complementary to the cause of cough.

Best Home Remedies for Cough


Honey For Cough

Honey is a very powerful anti cough formula. This very common kitchen ingredient is usually an active component of various cough syrups. Honey works like a cough suppressant that is best in the cases of sore throat. Honey contains anti viral and anti septic properties.

Thus, all the bacteria and viruses are killed with the consumption of honey. Consequently, the infection all along the respiratory tract is cured to perfection. Honey is a natural antibiotic that works like an antioxidant. It can cure sore throat, choked nose and congested chest. It is known to thin the accumulated mucus that offers relief from choked nose and blocked chest, both.


Lemon Juice For Cough

Lemon is yet another very common kitchen ingredient that can make a very strong anti cough formula. Lemon is a warehouse of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is the biggest boost to human immune system. Thus, lemon syrup increases the immunity of the body, which can help the body in fighting with the cough causing bacteria and viruses.

The mixture can be made even more powerful and effective by adding honey to it. Honey adds taste and offers antibiotic property. It kills the germs that cause cough and cold, since it is a natural antibiotic. Thus, in cases of mild cough, solo lemon juice should be consumed. In cases of heavy cough that causes throat soreness and tickling, lemon juice should be mixed with honey in order to increase its efficiency.


Onion For Cough

Onion is a very common ingredient, but a lesser known anti cough home remedy. Onion cough syrup is a homemade cough syrup that is a mixture of onion juice and sugar. Onion contains antibiotic, anti inflammatory and expectorant properties.All these properties are otherwise hard to be found in one ingredient. Thus, onion prepares a very strong anti cough formula. It can be diluted at will, according to the intensity of the cough. This solution strengthens the human immune system. Since onion is a well known natural antibiotic, it kills all the viruses and bacteria that cause inflammation and cough.


Garlic is a very common ingredient that is used to treat various health problems. It is also used to effectively treat the problem of extreme cough in adults. It is one of the most powerful anti cough formulas, since it offers antibiotic property. Garlic completely clears the viruses and bacteria from the body.

Garlic For Cough

Anti viral and anti bacterial properties make garlic a strong natural antibiotic, which kills all the cough causing foreign bodies that weaken the immune system. Extreme cough can be cured via a unique mixture made by combining pepper, honey, lemon and garlic. However, this home remedy is extremely strong. Thus, it should be used in limited amount only in the cases of strong cough and cold.


Turmeric is a well known antibiotic and anti septic that is used in the production of various antiseptic creams and lotions. Turmeric is also applied on wounds in order to kill the infection causing bacteria. Thus, it is a strong antibiotic. For this reason, it is used to treat the problem of cough.Turmeric offers relief from coughing by reducing its intensity. Usually it is mixed with milk, which makes a good anti cough syrup. Curcumin is the active ingredient present in turmeric that contains anti bacterial and anti viral properties, both. This ingredient becomes active as soon as it enters the human body. It strengthens the immune system and directly attacks the viruses and bacteria. Turmeric is known to cure cough within 3 to 4 days.

Turmeric For Cough

Sometimes cough can also be an outcome of certain diseases like tuberculosis, asthma, sinus, pneumonia, bronchitis and emphysema. All these are chronic diseases that require immediate medical attention. Therefore, extreme cases of persistent cough should never be overlooked. Sometimes home remedies may temporarily curb an otherwise serious problem. Therefore, it is always a wise choice to consult a doctor in such cases. It is elementary to know the main cause of cough. Once confirmed that the cough is not an outcome of any chronic disease, home remedies can be used to gain immediate relief.

Yet some other powerful home remedies than the ones mentioned above are Mullein tea, chicken soup, cinnamon, clove, coffee, tea, Tulsi, pepper, mustard seeds and thyme. Home remedies can offer long lasting and instantaneous relief from constant cough. Hence, they should always be used as trustworthy anti cough remedies.

5 Cough Home Remedies for Adults