10 Hair Thickening Home Remedies


10 Hair Thickening Home Remedies

Thick, lustrous, healthy and shiny hair is every woman’s wish but pollution, stress, and health problems make the locks thin and lifeless. Hair salons and beauty products do offer solutions to these problems but contrary to what they promise, the harsh chemicals make the hair even more damaged.

This leads to the biggest nightmare- hair thinning. Nevertheless, green, natural remedies are always there to rescue us by starting a real battle against thin hair. They are sure to make your hair thick and strong and eliminate damage right from the roots. So make the given natural home remedies a part of your beauty regimen to get the terrific hair you have always dreamt of!

Home Remedies For Hair thickening

1. Make Your Hair Look Fuller With Baking Soda

Baking soda works great on thin hair by giving them a fuller, more voluminous appearance by coating individual strands of hair. Take the desired quantity of shampoo and add 2 teaspoons of baking soda to it. Mix it well and apply it to your hair. Let it stay for 5 minutes and rinse as usual with cold water.

Make Your Hair Look Fuller With Baking Soda

Skip the conditioner and let the hair air dry. You may also use baking soda paste to cleanse hair thoroughly. Dissolve baking powder in a cup of warm water to make a paste. Then massage it on the hair like you use a shampoo. Be cautious not to use dry baking powder as it is abrasive and damaging

2. Henna For Bouncy Hair

Henna has been used since ages to thicken hair and give a great body to it. It also gives shine and a touch of colour along with the bouncy effect you always wanted. Soak henna powder in water overnight and apply this paste to your hair in the morning. Let it stay for about an hour and then rinse with normal water.

Henna For Bouncy Hair

Remember not to wash your hair with a shampoo after applying henna. You may dab a little oil in your hair after washing to add to the conditioning properties of henna. Follow this procedure every month to get dense and soft hair.

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3. Honey To Repair Damage

Honey has a rich composition of vitamins and minerals due to which it is widely used in a number of beauty rituals. It is a great cure for thin hair as it repairs damaged and worn out hair. It also makes the hair shiny and voluminous. The regular application of honey makes the hair thicker and healthier.Cover the scalp and tip of your hair with honey very gently to avoid any breakage of strands. Cover your head with a towel or a shower cap and let the honey lotion work on your hair for around 20 minutes. Then rinse with warm water and shampoo and condition as usual.

Honey To Repair Damage

4. Avocado And Banana Hair Mask

Avocado and banana are fruits rich in vitamin A, B and E as well as potassium. This completely explains why their combination works magic for weak strands susceptible to breakage. They turn thin hair into thick and strong ones. Along with this, their combination also promotes healthy and quick growth of strands.

Avocado And Banana Hair Mask

An avocado and banana mask helps to increase the resistance of hair towards excessive heat, dust and pollution. In order to prepare this nourishing paste, mash equal amount of banana and avocado in a small bowl (1/4 banana and avocado should be enough). Now massage this thick paste into your hair and scalp. Then cover your hair for 20 minutes and let the paste be absorbed. Now wash the hair with a shampoo. Condition if desired.

5. Massage With Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a great remedy to get thick hair naturally. However, applying it straight from the bottle may not give desired results. The oil needs to be heated a little and massaged well to let the oil enter the pores. It has been confirmed through results that coconut oil helps in promoting hair growth.

Massage With Coconut Oil

It stimulates the hair follicles and makes hair thick and lustrous. This message followed by hot towel wrap makes the treatment even more effective. Simply dip a towel in hot water, and wrap it around your head. Be careful to squeeze the excess water to prevent burning of skin.

6. Beer Can Do The Trick

Beer has properties that thicken the hair and give the appearance of fullness. It also contains proteins to give strength and shine. Use this egg and bear mask to do the trick.

Beer Can Do The Trick

Take an egg and separate the white from the yolk. Blend the yolk with 50 ml of beer. Apply the mixture to damp hair and cover the head with a shower cap for half an hour. Shampoo and rinse thoroughly.

7. Try Oat Flour To Thicken Hair

Oat flour is one of the best remedies to thicken hair and add strength to it. It helps to combat many hair problems like hair thinning and hair loss. It is easily available in any grocery shop. Add oat flour to your conditioner and use it every time you wash your hair. Then rinse with lukewarm water.

Try Oat Flour To Thicken Hair

8. Gelatin

Gelatin is another wonder cure for thin hair. It makes hair look thicker. It leaves hair full of volume and gives a good body to it. Purchase an unflavored tin of gelatin and use it regularly to get denser hair with every wash.Mix 2 teaspoon product to your shampoo, message your hair with the mixture and let it sit for five minutes. Wash it with cold water and skip the conditioner.


9. Mayonnaise

Dryness is one of the main causes of hair breakage which leads to thin hair. Mayonnaise helps to replenish moisture in the hair to make them healthy. In this way it promotes hair strengthening and thickening.The egg in mayo provides the needed protein and the oil conditions it deeply. Apply it to your hair and let it stay for 15 minutes. Wash off with a moisturizing shampoo for best results.


10. Hibiscus Oil Mask

Hibiscus oil mask is a very effective way to add shine, softness and volume to hair. It also works magic on split ends. Make a paste of some hibiscus flowers and leaves in a mixer. Now heat a little coconut oil in a pan and add the paste to it. You can also add fenugreek seeds to the oil for added benefits. Let it heat till the seeds pop and then let the oil cool down.

Hibiscus Oil Mask


You can store this oil in a glass bottle. Apply it once a week and let it stay for about an hour. Then wash and condition your hair to wash off the oil. Let your hair dry naturally. The regular use of this mask ensures thick and healthy hair. You will surely see a huge difference in your hair quality in a couple of months.

The above mentioned solutions are definitely the best ones that will help you turn your thin and lifeless hair into hair that is thick and full of life. However, regular use of these remedies is the key. Remember not to pass any judgment at least before six months. So use these safe and chemical free home remedies and feel the difference!