4 Hair Thickening Vitamins For Women


Hair Thickening Vitamins For Women

Beautiful and thick hair is desired by all women. Soft hair improves the look and appeal of women. Many women face the problem of hair fall. They face the problem of baldness when the hair parting area has thin hair. The main causes of hair thinning are genetics, stress, medications, illness, surgery, endocrine gland disease, malnutrition, pregnancy, poor diet and allergy.

Many treatments are available for making the hair thick. These treatments can cause harm due to the use of chemicals. The best way to make the hair thick is to take vitamins that are good for the hair. The best way of taking vitamins is to eat foods that contain them. You can also get vitamins through supplements. You should know which vitamins help in making the hair thick. The best hair thickening vitamins for women along with their food sources are as follows.

Hair Thickening Vitamins For Women

Vitamin A

Vitamin A For Hair Thickening

Vitamin A makes the hair roots smooth and moisturizes the hair. Vitamin A is an antioxidant, which makes the hair healthy, thick and strong.Some foods that contain Vitamin A are cabbage, carrots, sweet potato, lettuce, cantaloupe, papaya, broccoli, butternut squash, green leafy vegetables and dried apricots.

Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin B For Hair Thickening

Vitamin B complex helps in resolving many hair problems. Vitamin B complex is a group of many other vitamins that are water-soluble. Most women who face the problem of hair loss have been found to be suffering from Vitamin B deficiency. Vitamin B complex increases hair growth and makes them thick and strong. If women take Vitamin B complex, they can overcome hair loss.

Vitamin B supplies hemoglobin to the hair and increases blood circulation, which helps in preventing hair fall. The vitamin increases the re-growth of hair. Intake of Vitamin B can make the hair healthy and beautiful. Some foods that contain Vitamin B are milk, yogurt, turkey, tuna, whole grains, green leafy vegetables, bananas, chicken pork, potato, beans, avocados, liver and lentils.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C increases blood circulation in the hair, which makes the hair thick. The vitamin makes the hair grow faster. Vitamin C removes toxins from the body and improves the health of hair.The vitamin also protects from the damage caused by free radicals, thus improving the health of hair. Some foods that contain Vitamin C are citrus fruits, kiwifruits, guavas, papayas, bell peppers, strawberries, berries and chilies.

Vitamin C For Hair Thickening

Vitamin E

Vitamin E increases the growth of hair and prevents the problem of hair loss. If you take Vitamin E regularly, the hair will become thick. The vitamin increases the growth of capillaries, which prevents hair fall and makes the hair grow thick. The vitamin increases supply of oxygen and blood to scalp, thus making the hair healthy and thick. Vitamin E also helps in preventing split ends. It prevents dryness of hair.

If you want to have thick hair, you can apply Vitamin E oil on the hair. You can get Vitamin E oil by breaking Vitamin E capsule. The Vitamin E oil protects the hair from damage caused by sunrays. Some foods that contain Vitamin E are nuts, broccoli, wheat germ, cooked spinach, avocados, peanut butter, almonds, olive oil, tofu, fish, squash, pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

Vitamin E For Hair Thickening