5 Effective Diet Treatments For Ulcers


Effective Diet Treatments For Ulcers

An ulcer is a painful sore or lesion which develops in the stomach, in the dudoneum – which is the upper portion of the small intestine or the esophagus. Depending on its location an ulcer can be classified as gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer or esophageal ulcer. The corrosion or the abrasion of the inner lining of the stomach and / or the esophagus due to an excessive production of stomach acid is the primary cause behind ulcers.Helicobacter pylori infection, eating spicy food, consuming alcohol on a regular basis, smoking cigarettes and excessive stress are some of the contributory factors which can cause ulcers. Ulcers which are left untreated can progressively worsen with time. Conventional treatment measures to control pain and discomfort due to ulcers include taking medication like antacids, PP inhibitors and acid blockers. Simple lifestyle and dietary changes can also help heal painful ulcers. Some extremely effective dietary treatments for ulcers are discussed in this article.

Effective Diet Treatments For Ulcers

1. Yoghurt

If you suffer from painful ulcers, consume plenty of yoghurt. Yoghurt, which is a probiotic food, contains beneficial bacterium like lactobacillus and bifidobacterium, which help to reduce the effect of harmful bacteria like H.Pylori, which reside in the gut. Eating probiotic foods like yoghurt not only reduces gastric irritation, but it can also heal ulcers faster. Consuming fresh yoghurt also improves the efficacy of drug therapy. So, to heal ulcers faster, eat fresh yoghurt at least twice a day.


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2. Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice has long been considered as an effective natural remedy to heal painful ulcers. Cranberry juice contains high amounts of flavonoids. Nutritional research has shown that consuming flavonoid rich foods like cranberry juice can inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria like H.Pylori, which is responsible for many ulcers. Since, regular consumption of fresh cranberry juice can significantly reduce the prevalence of ulcers; individuals suffering from painful ulcers should consume cranberry juice as often as they can.

Cranberry Juice

3. Oats

Oats is one of the top healing foods for ulcers. Consuming a bowl of oats can instantly soothe painful stomach ulcers. Oats is a rich source of soluble dietary fiber. Consuming soluble fiber rich foods like oats can effectively reduce postprandial pepsin concentration – which can further aggravate ulcers. Eating foods high in soluble fiber like oats can also prevent a relapse of duodenal and gastric ulcers. People who consumed soluble fiber rich foods like oats regularly reduced their risk of an ulcer relapse by almost sixty percent.


4. Dark Green Leafy Vegetables

To treat painful ulcers, eat plenty of dark green leafy vegetables like mustard greens, kale, collard and spinach. Dark green leafy vegetables can not only improve digestive health but it can also heal painful ulcers. Nutritional research has shown that dark green leafy vegetables have anti ulcer activity. Furthermore, eating iron rich dark green leafy vegetables can also prevent the formation of painful mouth and throat ulcers – which occur due to anemia. Dark green leafy vegetables also contain numerous important vitamins and minerals which help to heal ulcers.

Green Leafy Vegetables

5. Egg Whites

Egg whites are a high protein, low fat food which can help to heal painful ulcers. People diagnosed with ulcers should consume high protein foods like egg whites as it can help to heal ulceration and stomach inflammation. Furthermore, low fat proteins also assists in healing damaged cells. People who have stomach ulcers should consume poached egg whites, as poaching is one of the healthiest ways to prepare eggs.

Egg Whites