Five Diets For Peptic Ulcer


Diets For Peptic Ulcer

Peptic ulcer also known as stomach ulcer is a common yet agonizing health condition in which there appears a tiny hole on the layer of the stomach, small intestine or esophagus causing unbearable pain in the abdomen. Other symptoms of ulcer are digestive disorders, heartburn, vomiting, stomach gas, weight-loss, nausea, too much of hunger and thirst, blood in the stool and constipation etc. Scientific studies consider that hyperacidity (due to excess discharging of the hydrochloric acid) is the major reason for occurrence in the stomach.

Apart from that bacterial (H. pylori) attack, over intake of certain types of foods and medicines, too much of smoking or drinking alcohol etc. can also trigger stomach ulcer. However, ulcer is never a trivial health issue to be ignored as it can even be a sign to some serious underlying diseases as stomach cancer.

Foods To Treat Peptic Ulcer

Apart from the medicines prescribed by the doctor if you include certain foods to your regular diet you may easily treat peptic ulcer effectively. Here are some of the examples of such foods.

Eat Yogurt

Yogurt Reduce Peptic Ulcer

Yogurt is a very useful food item to include in your regular diet, as it has countless health benefits including treating peptic ulcer. Yogurt preserves lactobacillus acidophilus or good bacteria which fight against the damaging bacteria as H.Pylori that causes ulcer and counter balance the acid levels in the stomach. Moreover it soothes your upset stomach and provides you relief from the throbbing pain.

Include Cabbage

Cabbage Reduce Peptic Ulcer

You can also opt for cabbage while treating peptic ulcer as it is immensely helpful in minimizing different ailments caused by ulcer. Cabbage is packed with a high amount of vitamin C, glutamine and amino acids which serves a peptic ulcer patient in many ways as it destroys the growth of the harmful bacteria in the stomach, boost up blood circulation in the stomach and provides a stronger lining to prevent ulcer as well as accelerate the healing process for open ulcers. You can simply extract fresh cabbage juice and drink it or you may also add fresh raw cabbage to your daily diet to keep ulcer problems away.

Opt For Cranberries

Cranberries Reduce Peptic Ulcer

Cranberries are one of the most effective and widely used diet remedies for treating ulcer. As cranberries are loaded with great amount of flavonoids and other nutritious ingredients they works wonderfully to eliminate the bacteria that causes stomach ulcer as well as speed up the healing process and also prevent further development of the bacteria.Cranberries may not be suitable for every patient so better to ask advice from doctor before consuming it. Along with cranberries you may also add other food items which are enriched with flavonoids to your regular diet as herbal teas, garlic or onion etc.

Use Honey

Honey Reduce Peptic Ulcer

Honey is the natural ingredient loaded with so many virtues that it has been used to treat a number of ailments by the people around the world from the centuries. Along with it’s yummy taste and tempting aroma it can even cure the ulcer problem. Honey’s anti-inflammatory or anti-bacterial properties works superb on reducing the bacterial growth, lowers down the swelling and strengthen the stomach lining. Try to look for organic honey for the treatment.

Consume Almonds

Almonds Reduce Peptic Ulcer

One of the delicious ways to treat peptic ulcer could be consuming a few crispier and crunchier almonds daily. Almonds contains good amount of calcium, protein along with Vitamin C which helps in healing process and lowers down the ailments caused by ulcer.

Five Diets For Peptic Ulcer