9 Diet Tips For Healing Peptic Ulcers Fast


Diet Tips For Healing Peptic Ulcers Fast Traditionally it was believed that peptic ulcer is caused by spicy foods and caffeinated drinks like tea, coffee, etc. Lately, the researchers have realized that peptic ulcer is caused by either some sort of infection in stomach lining caused by a bacteria called H.pylori and non steroidal anti- inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).The bacteria and the NSAIDs break down the protective layer of mucus in stomach or duodenum (small intestine). This layer prevents digestive juices from damaging stomach and intestines. Besides taking complete medication, changing your diet can help in recovering from peptic ulcer fast.

Top 9 Diet Tips For Peptic Ulcer

Eat Small And Frequent Meals

Eat Small For Healing Peptic Ulcers Rather than eating three big meals a day, try eating 4-5 small meals in a day. This will be light on your stomach and your body will not produce large amounts of digestive juices. Eating three major meals and two snacks in a day after every two hours is a good idea to keep away the pain and discomfort.

Fiber Rich Diet

Fiber Rich Diet For Healing Peptic Ulcers Rather than eating fried, spicy and foods laden with harmful fats, pay attention on eating a fiber rich diet. Include lots of fruits, vegetables, complex carbohydrates in your diet. If your body does not get adequate nutrients on a daily basis, it may get tough for it to heal fast.

Eat Slowly

Eat Slowly For Healing Peptic Ulcers Make it a habit to eat your food slowly and chew it well. Gulping food will create burden on your stomach and it will make more of digestive juices that can interfere with the healing process.

Don’t Smoke

Smoking can interfere with the protective lining of stomach, making it tough to heal the ulcers fast. Since smoking also increases stomach acid, it will be a good idea to give up smoking altogether.

Don’t Smoke For Healing Peptic Ulcers Switch Pain Killers

If you take pain killers frequently then confirm with your doctor which pain killers will suit you. Ibuprofen, diclofenac, aspirin will cause you more harm than good. Ask your doctor if acetaminophen will suit you.

Limit Your Alcohol Intake

Limit Alcohol Intake For Healing Peptic Ulcers Excessive intake of alcohol can also prove to be counterproductive for your health as it can irritate and completely erode the mucus lining of your stomach and intestines, aggravating inflammation and bleeding and worsening the situation. Stop alcohol or limit your intake in order to recover fast.

Limit Intake of Spices And Peppers

Though the studies conducted on these substances have produced conflicting results but still eating these items in moderation will help you in avoiding pain and discomfort.

Limit Intake Of Spices For Healing Peptic Ulcers Olive Oil

Using olive oil for cooking food and as a dressing in salads, etc can be a good idea. Olive oil especially virgin olive oil  contains phenolic compounds which are effective against 8 strains of H. pylori, out of which three are antibiotic resistant.

Olive Oil For Healing Peptic Ulcers Avoid Drinking Excessive Amounts Of Carbonated And Caffeinated Drinks

Beverages like coffee, soft drinks, fruit juices, tea, etc. tend to increase stomach acid production. Though no study has shown any linkage between these drinks and peptic ulcer directly but consuming more than three cups of coffee can increase the susceptibility to H. pylori infection.

Coffee For Healing Peptic Ulcers