9 Top Home Remedies For Wet Cough


Top Home Remedies For Wet Cough

If you get affected by common cold or flu, you would most probably suffer from cough as well until the condition passes away. Coughs can also be triggered by other factors like dust, pollution, throat infections and certain allergies etc.There are two types of cough.

Dry coughs usually do not contain any phlegm or mucus and just cause discomfort and throat pain. Wet coughs on the other hand contain phlegm or mucus, and can be very unpleasant at times. In addition to causing physical discomfort and pain, irritation and fatigue, wet coughs can create embarrassing situations in public.

Effective Home Remedies For Wet Cough

The saying goes that a cold will take at least 7 days to leave the system irrespective of whether you take medications to treat the condition or not. The same goes for wet coughs which would continue until the infection is completely eradicated. Although there are medicines that can achieve this, you can opt for certain home remedies to bring down the intensity of these coughs and get rid of the infection causing them as well.

1. Drink Plenty Of Fluids

Water and other fluids can help flush out the infection behind the wet cough from the system effectively. Fluids will also keep your body hydrated for longer periods and help loosen the phlegm, making it easier for the body to remove it. So drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day, making sure you drink plenty of fruit and vegetable juices in between as well.

Drink Plenty Of Fluids

2. Consume Raw Ginger And Honey

Ginger has antibacterial properties that can effectively get rid of bacterial and fungal infections from the body. Honey on the other hand contains antiseptic properties that promote quick healing after an infection. Combining these two in a remedy can help treat the infection causing the wet cough and help the body recover from the same quickly.

Cut a piece of raw ginger and grind it to extract the juice. Mix this juice with a tablespoon of honey and heat the resultant mixture until it becomes lukewarm. Eat this mixture at least thrice every day to get extended relief from wet coughs.You can also chew on piece of raw ginger to stimulate the flow of mucous and phlegm. Ginger tea (two cups a day) would also considered to be beneficial for those suffering from wet coughs.

Consume Raw Ginger And Honey

3. Consume Pepper

Pepper can irritate the sinuses and stimulate the flow of mucus, thereby clearing the nasal passages of any blockages that could aggravate wet coughs. Make a paste containing 1 teaspoon of black pepper and 1 tablespoon of honey (you can substitute with ghee as well). Add some water and boil the solution for about 15 minutes.Let it cool down a bit (until it turns lukewarm) and then sip it at regular intervals throughout the day for extended relief from wet cough and its symptoms. Alternatively, you can try heating some black pepper in a vessel and inhale the fumes. This would also stimulate the sinuses and effectively clear the mucus blockages.

Consume Pepper

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4. Try Onion Syrup

Like pepper, onion has a pungent odor that can thin the mucus lining, making it easier for the body to remove it quickly. Mix the juice of 1 onion with 1 tablespoon of honey and let it settle for about 5 hours. Drink this syrup at least thrice a day until the intensity and frequency of the wet coughs reduce.

 Onion Syrup

5. Drink Garlic Broth

Some individuals have no issues about eating raw garlic to get relief from colds and coughs. If you don’t have any issues either, you can try eating a few cloves of raw garlic to get rid of wet coughs. Garlic contains antiviral and antibiotic properties which can help remove the infection from the lungs and promote quick healing. Garlic also contains expectorant properties that would help loosen the mucus and remove stubborn bacteria from the lungs.

If you don’t like eating raw garlic, add some cloves to your meals. You can add them to your soups, salads and sauces. You can also prepare garlic broth by boiling a solution of water (one cup) and crushed garlic cloves (about 5 pieces) for 20 minutes or so. Let the solution cool down after which you can strain it and drink the resultant juice.

Garlic Broth

6. Eat Mashed Almonds

Wet cough and its symptoms can be brought down by regular intake of almonds. Soak some almonds in water at night. The next morning, peel and grind them to form a coarse paste.Mix this paste with some sugar and butter. Grind the resultant mixture nicely to get a fine paste. Consume this paste at least thrice a day for extended relief.

Mashed Almonds

7. Drink Mustard Seed Juice

Mustard seeds contain expectorant properties that although irritating to handle, can effectively reduce the intensity of wet coughs and their symptoms. Mustard seeds can effectively loosen phlegm blockages and stimulate the flow of mucus.Grind a few mustard seeds (1 teaspoon would do) to form a coarse powder. Add the powder to a cup of hot water. Let is steep for about 20 minutes, strain the solution and drink it for immediate relief. Drink this solution for at least twice a day to get extended relief from wet cough and its symptoms.

Drink Mustard Seed Juice

8. Drink Chicken Soup

The fumes arising from chicken soup contain potent expectorant properties (due to a substance called ‘Cysteine’) that help release stubborn nasal blockages, thereby making it easier for the body to get rid of the excess phlegm and mucus that usually accompany wet coughs.Chicken soup can also soothe an irritated throat and bring down the other symptoms of wet coughs to an extent. Drink at least three cups of warm chicken soup every day to get relief from wet cough and its symptoms, and recover from the condition quickly.

Chicken Soup

9. Gargle With Salt Water

Salt water gargles are considered as very effective home remedies for all kinds of coughs. Gargling with salt water at regular intervals throughout the day would help thin the mucus and loosen nasal blockages in addition to reducing the other symptoms of wet coughs like throat pain.Mix 1 tablespoon of salt in a cup of lukewarm water. Add some baking soda to the solution for extra benefits. Stir the solution until the salt and baking soda dissolve completely.

Gargle this solution at least thrice a day to get relief from wet cough and its symptoms.You can also pour some of this salt water solution into a nasal spray bottle and spray it into your nostrils to clear nasal blockages immediately. If you can’t find a nasal spray, use a nose dropper instead. Do this at regular intervals throughout the day to get rid of the mucus and phlegm responsible for the wet coughs.