5 Enticing Uses Of Sweet Almond For Your Skin And Hair

The first thing that might pop out to your mind once we say the word “almond” is probably diet. It is true that its always part of the diet package and has been used handsomely to reduce your weight. Wait! Is that all? Is that what almonds are good for? Certainly a big “no”. Sweet almonds are much more versatile and have many uses apart from its culinary journey. True, they are used in a variety of recipes, but they have far reaching benefits in terms of skin care and hair care. A general misconception is that people associate sweet almond with that of a nut. Well, actually it’s a variety of seed and is found in abundance in Africa, West Asia, and Mediterranean regions. It is a brilliant moisturizer and is well-off with antioxidants. Also, they have a vast presence of Vitamin E that can be beneficial for both your skin and hair. Just take a handful of sweet almonds and immerse in a cup of water for a few hours. Later take the soaked almonds and put it in half a cup of olive oil or virgin coconut oil. Store it in a bottle and keep it in a cool dry place. There, your very own sweet almond oil is ready to use. Let us take a small trip to look at its various uses.

5 Enticing Uses Of Sweet Almond For Your Skin And Hair:

1. Use It For Skin Care

Healthy skin is not about how you care for your skin. It is about what you use for your skin. Do not think twice about using sweet almond or sweet almond oil for your skin. Its glyceride properties can be very beneficial in moisturizing your skin. It also brings out the natural glow of your skin and can be effective against issues of acne, blackheads, and pimples. Sweet almond oil can also be used as a valuable massage oil for children and can be beneficial for their skin softening.

2. Use It As A Sun Block

Exposure to sunlight can have far reaching complications in the long run. They can darken your skin and can lead to a variety of skin problems. If you feel like you want to skip a UV protection lotion or cream then side with sweet almonds. They are packed with Vitamin E and they are extremely skin-friendly. They can be beneficial against the exposure to the harmful UV rays of the sun. Simply massage a bit of sweet almond oil on your skin and step out. They can also be effective against sunburns and other skin problems.

3. Use It As A Natural Moisturizer

Moisturizers are a strict must to have product in your kitty. It is a matter of how comfortable you keep your skin. However, if you are tired of finding the right type of moisturizer for your skin, simply choose sweet almonds. It is favorable for all skin types and can perform all the chores of a chemically laden moisturizer as far as skins go. Simply massage your skin with sweet almond oil or mix some crushed sweet almonds to yogurt and massage it on your face and skin. It is non-greasy and you can apply it daily for best results. Using them for a few weeks will give out a noticeable difference on the smoothness levels of your skin.

4. Use It Against Dark Circles And Puffy Eyes

Getting a fright of your life witnessing the dark circles around your eyes each morning? Dark circles and puffy eyes not only make your face look tired and drained of energy, they also indicate that your sleep pattern is very disturbed. They may also be on a basis of an underlying medical condition. Do not opt for any chemical based lotions in such instances. Choose sweet almonds. They are extremely beneficial for reducing the dark circles and puffy eyes. Simply soak some sweet almonds in water and grind them to a pulp. Apply this on and around your eyes before you go to sleep. The next day wash off to feel the refreshing change.
  Dark Under Eye Circles

5. Use It For Strengthening Hair

Healthy hair is nowadays becoming a distant dream for many. Our hairs do have a natural strength attached to it, but over a time period, this gradually wanes. The remorseless deadlines we have also don’t help us much and adds to your hair woes. Try out sweet almonds for your hair for a change. It has a good presence of mono fatty acids and ample dosages of Vitamin A, D, B1, and B2. They are beneficial for softening and strengthening your hair if used regularly. Either crush them and mix it with a few drops of oil and apply as a mask to your hair or use sweet almond oil for better efficiency.