7 Home Remedies For Swollen Eyes


Home Remedies For Swollen Eyes

Swollen or puffy eyes look ugly. They can be caused by various factors like excessive crying, improper sleep, insomnia, sleep apnea, stress, smoking, alcohol, fatigue, over sleeping, aging, excessive consumption of salt and allergies.Swollen eyes are generally caused due to these few general factors only. However, excessive swelling around the eyes should not be ignored, as it might be an indication of some other health conditions like trichinosis, obstruction in the superior vena cava, hypothyroidism, nephritic syndrome and chagas disease. However, cases of minor swelling around the eyes can be easily cured at home, since home remedies are very helpful.

Best Home Remedies For Swollen Eyes

1. Cucumber

Cucumber is a health friendly seasonal fruit. It forms one of the most popular home remedies for swollen eyes, since it works like a coolant. Cucumber offers the genuine benefits of an astringent. This fruit is exceptionally cool as it contains phenolic acids, curcurbitacins, amino acids, mucin, vitamins, minerals and a lot of water. All these active ingredients make cucumber an astringent.

Thus, placing cucumber slices over the swollen eyes help in easing the constriction in blood vessels and capillaries. It also offers coolness to the tired and sore eyes. Swelling is also an outcome of inflammation. The phenolic acid present in cucumber reduces inflammation. Thus, this super fruit works magically against swelling in the eyelids and surrounding areas.


2. Potato

Potatoes are a very common vegetable that is known to be a warehouse of carbohydrates. These carbohydrates are the magical ingredients that make potato a powerful home remedy for swollen eyes. Starch present in potatoes is a very strong natural anti-inflammatory agent.

Thus, it works like a very strong agent that reduces inflammation gradually. Putting potato slices over tired swollen eyes magically reduce the swelling and inflammation. It is one of the best ways of reducing redness and swelling caused due to fatigue. Thus, potato works like a magical home remedy for swollen eyes caused due to fatigue and insomnia.


3. Ice

Ice is one of the best ways of offering coolness to the irritated swollen eyes. Fatigue, water retention due to excess salt consumption and insomnia are three prominent reasons behind tired eyes that look puffy. Placing ice packs offer coolness to the eyes. This starts reducing the inflammation. It is recommended to place ice cubes inside a thin clean cloth and place it over the affected area for 4 to 5 minutes.

Keep repeating the process for 30 to 40 minutes. This reduces excessive heat around the eye tissues. This heat is generated due to excessive inflammation. Reduced inflammation offers instantaneous relief from irritation, burning sensation and pain. Thus, ice is an effective home remedy for irritation caused due to swollen eyes.


4. Cold Water

Cold water therapy works very much the same way as ice packs do. The main factor that leads to reduction in swelling is coolness. It offers relief to the sore gone puffy eyes. This induces sleep naturally. Reduced inflammation reduces the pain, which is why sleep is induced. Eventually swollen eyes condition improves. Hence, cold water is a safe and effective home remedy for puffy eyes.

Cold Water

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5. Water Consumption

Water seems to be the key against swollen eyes. Usually dehydration causes swelling around the immediate eye areas. This is because the flow and consumption of water in tissues is stopped in dehydration. This is done in order to save the water for emergency purposes. Dehydration is an emergency situation for the body.

As a result, the tissues give up unnecessary water consumption. Hence, water collection appears as big lumps under the eyes. Drinking enough water does not cause dehydration. Thus, the brain instructs the body to use water normally. Consequently, water is not collected by the tissues for emergency situations. It is for this reason that consuming water is a preventive home remedy for swollen eyes.

 Water Consumption

6. Warm Therapy

If you suffer from swollen eyes condition due to allergies from dust, pollution or pollens, compressing your eyes by placing hot cloth over them can offer a lot of relief. Hot compression creates negative conditions for the allergy supporting bacteria and viruses. This kills the microbes much before the situation aggravates.

Thus, compressing the eyes with a hot cloth repeatedly for 15 to 20 minutes helps in easing the people suffering from swollen eyes due to allergies. Though, you need to make sure that the cloth is not too hot. Eyes are very sensitive. Therefore, warm cloth is the best way for creating negative conditions in the eye tissues for allergy causing microbes. The microbes do not get a chance to reproduce and survive. Thus, swelling is cured very easily.

Warm Therapy

7. Teabags

Teabags are one of the best home remedies that offer medicinal benefits. Tea contains tannins. Tannins are anti-inflammatory agents that strongly fight against inflammation causing bacteria and viruses. Put the teabags in hot water and remove them after they become wet.

This is necessary to activate the tannins. When the teabags become lukewarm, place them over the swollen areas around the eyes. The tannins directly seep inside and start fighting against the infection causing microbes. They kill most of the microbes and weaken the others. Gradually all the inflammation causing microbes are killed and swelling is cured.

All the home remedies mentioned above prove that some of the most common kitchen items are very beneficial for improving various health conditions. The above listed home remedies effectively improve swollen eyes condition. However, if you gain no relief from any of the home remedies mentioned, you must consult a doctor.

Long term use of home remedies should offer relief, but zero relief situations might be an indication of some other serious health issues developing silently within the body. Thus, excessive swelling should never be overlooked. If you get proper sleep and you follow a healthy lifestyle, swollen eyes may be an indication of some other disease developing inside you.

Therefore, proper medical diagnosis is very essential in cases of excess swelling under the eyes and eyelids. There are various other simple home remedies that can offer relief to the people suffering from swollen eyes. Eye Massage, reduced consumption of salt and avoiding alcohol and tobacco are three effective home remedies for swollen eyes.

Keeping your head elevated while sleeping does not allow water to collect around the tissues of the eyes. This is also an effective home remedy for swollen eyes. Lastly, do not gaze at the computer screen for long in order to keep your eyes safe from puffiness. These are some simple and effective home remedies for swollen eyes.