6 Best Natural Treatments For Dehydration

6 Natural Treatments For Dehydration

Do you know that 75 percent of our body is made from water? The water is stored in the cells which are necessary for proper body functioning. Water is released through the body by way of exhaling breath, sweating and urination process. If there is a lack of fluids in the body and the water level decreases, then one will suffer from this medical condition called dehydration. The body must get back enough amount of water to get hydrated. If left untreated dehydration may cause serious problem. Some common symptoms of dehydration are-decreased urine level, dry mouth, dry skin, cramps, fainting etc. In extreme cases, one may get a heat stroke, seizures, kidney failure and death. Normally, people are not aware if they suffer from dehydration. It is occurred when our body has high fever, cholera and vomiting. It is necessary to maintain the body fluids in proper amounts by keeping oneself hydrated.

Here Are Some Natural Ways One Can Keep Himself Hydrated:

Take Plenty Of Water

Moderate level of dehydration can be cured by taking enough amounts of drinking water. Some beverages like glucose or electoral are better than water which can provide enough fluids to the body. In case of absence of such products, just add some salt in a glass of water and consume it. It will help the person to regain the lost fluids instantly. The Oral dehydration solution is a good remedy to treat mild dehydration.

Drink Water

Take Maximum Rest

Take proper rest if you suffer from dehydration. Stop going to the office and do not take any stressful work. Choose a cool place and lay down in a bed as long as you can. Do not go outside or any crowded place. Wear light clothes and stay away from sunlight. It takes time to regain the lost fluids, so take rest for more than 24 hours.

Take Rest

Bath With Epsom Water

It is a powerful remedy to fight against dehydration. Epsom contains magnesium, so taking a bath with Epsom salt will reduce the inflammation, muscle pain and fatigue which are noticed in case of severe dehydration. Your skin will absorb magnesium and will naturally improve the symptoms. It contains sulfates also which will help your skin absorb nutrients. As a result, your body will regain the proper nutritional balance and will function properly.

Take Epsom Salt Bath

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is an age old remedy for many diseases. It helps to replace the lost fluids in the body. Also it helps in the natural pain management as dehydrated people often suffer from stomach cramps. It will provide twin advantages for dehydrated patients. Teas without caffeine which are made from natural herbs are an excellent way to regain the necessary fluids in the body.

Consume Chamomile Tea

Take Bananas

They are a great source of water. It also helps to manage the potassium level in the body which is lost with dehydration. Several other watery fruits and vegetables like watermelon, strawberries and cucumbers are good to replace the lost body fluids. If you suffer from dehydration, take at least one banana daily in your breakfast. It will give you much strength.

Eat Bananas

Consume Watery Fruits

Fruits like watermelon and cucumber are the power house of water source. So if you are on the problem of dehydration, then you must start consuming these kinds of fruits to revitalize your body and keep yourself hydrated for a long time, even without drinking water.

Consume Watery Fruits