5 Amazing Ways To Use Coffee For Puffy Eyes


Amazing Ways To Use Coffee For Puffy Eyes

Dark circles, and sagging and swollen under eye skin are as hard to deal with as ugly as they look. Eye skin is very sensitive. And excess collection of fluid makes the skin under the eyes appear swollen. On top of it, when combined with dark circles that are caused due to inflammation or are hereditary, the condition looks more than gross. But have you ever wondered why this is one of the most dreaded skin concerns globally, for all women? It is basically due to three reasons. First, swollen eyes with adamant dark circles are very difficult to reduce from worsening, let alone they getting completely vanished. Second, if they are heredity, then there aren’t much options with cosmetic science as well, to remove them once they happen. Rather, you have to be realistic with what you desire to achieve. Third, they suddenly make you look twice your age.

Though, there are various creams, serums and masks available in the market that claim to remove puffiness completely. But not many stand true to their claim. But the one rescue that will actually show visible results is coffee. Since coffee contains a high boost of reparative antioxidants, it is one of the best ways to remove puffiness and reduce dark circles. So, let us explore the 5 amazing ways in which you can naturally use coffee to get rid of puffy eyes and dark circles.

1. Coffee Lotion

Instead of investing heavily on cosmetic lotions, why not make your own one? It will be non expensive and less time consuming, and will give you the mental satisfaction that it is non allergenic.
What you need will be fresh coffee beans, glycerin, rosehip oil, molten dark chocolate and rose water.

Coffee Lotion

How To Make:

Fresh coffee beans are highly effective for making strong coffee lotion for puffy eyes. Simply crush the fresh coffee beans in a mixer, until they are completely grinded to fine powder. Take about 5 teaspoons of coffee powder and keep it in a bowl. Take 4 teaspoons of glycerin and dilute it will 1 teaspoon rose water and half teaspoon rosehip oil. Take a pan and heat the liquid mixture in sim flame. Slowly add molten dark chocolate to the mixture. Stir well to form thick paste. Now add 5 teaspoons coffee powder in the paste, and churn all of them in a mixer. Keep adding as much rose water as needed to get a semi liquid consistency to make a thin coffee lotion.

How To Apply:

This is your customized morning under eye coffee lotion that you should ideally apply after cleansing your face. Massage it for good 15 minutes until it starts getting absorbed. Now, let it rest under the eyes for next 1 to 1 and a half hour before you remove it. Simply dip a moist cotton ball in rose water and remove the coffee lotion gently.


Coffee is loaded with the goodness of caffeine. And caffeine is a powerful antioxidant that can reduce the cell size in order to flush accumulated water by shrinking the size of the inflamed under eye cells. Molten dark chocolate adds a double boost of antioxidants that increase the efficiency of caffeine. Rosehip oil and glycerin moisturize traumatized skin cells and rose water cools down inflammation.

2. Coffee Cleanser

This is one of the simplest ways to use coffee for reducing eye puffiness. It exposes the puffy eyes to activated antioxidants that start showing results in 7 days of continuous use.

What you need is distilled black coffee and almond oil.

Coffee Cleanser

How To Make:

Simply brew a cup of distilled coffee and add 1 teaspoon of almond oil in 4 teaspoons of distilled coffee. Let the mixture heat on flame for 10 minutes. Refrigerator for 30 minutes before applying.

How To Apply:

Instead of using a face wash to cleanse puffy eyes, start using your coffee cleanser for fast reduction of swollen eyes and dark circles. Simply soak a cotton ball and start pressing it around the eyes gently. Do not press too hard. You can also use a clean perforated cotton cloth and place it over you eyes. Now keep the cotton ball covered with the coffee cleanser on the cloth over the eyes for 5 to 10 minutes. Gently keep pressing your fingers, targeting the swollen and wrinkled patches. Clean with cold water. Use it every morning and night.


Antioxidants in coffee reduce free radical reaction around the inflamed baggy eye area. This reduces inflammation and itching. It shrinks the swollen cells. And almond oil, that is rich in vitamin E which is also a reparative antioxidant, moisturizes the epidermis and underlying cells to keep them elastic and plump.

3. Coffee Mask

This is a very efficient way that reduces puffy eyes and adamant purple dark circles easily. It is super moisturizing as well.

What you need is coffee powder, raw milk cream, egg white and almond oil.

Coffee Mask

How To Make:

Take 2 teaspoons coffee powder and place it in a bowl. You can also use coffee ground instead of using coffee powder, if you have hereditary purple to black dark circle. Just so you know, coffee grounds are the waste left behind by brewed coffee. Now take about 1 teaspoon of raw milk cream and add equal amount of egg white in it. Mix the two until they blend as one. Place the egg white and milk cream mixture in a grinder and add 2 teaspoons of coffee powder/coffee ground and half teaspoon almond oil in the mixture, and grind it until it turns to a semi liquid, non runny, paste.

How To Apply:

After refrigerating the coffee mask for 30 minutes, simply apply it under your eyes. Keep applying it layer after layer in a gap of 5 minutes for 20 minutes. Massage it for next 5 minutes and then, let it rest for 30 minutes before you wash it with distilled water. Use it every morning and night after cleansing the eyes with the coffee cleanser.


Coffee ground is full of activated antioxidants and essential nutrients that get absorbed by the puffy skin instantly. This is why, people don’t throw used coffee bags, instead they place them under their eyes after refrigerating them. Thus, coffee ground reduces the appearance of wrinkles and reduces pigmentation. This fades the purple black dark circles and removes extra water. Egg white adds external boost of protein that activates the natural skin protein, collagen. This results in the formation of new cells that are firm and tight. And raw milk along with almond oil keep the skin moist and irritation free.

4. Coffee Day Cream

This is a super hydrating creamy liquid that is absorbed in the skin, leaving behind a greasy residue that can be later removed using a blotting paper. What you need is fine black coffee powder, glycerin, ginger juice, rose water, apricot oil, thick raw milk cream and aloe vera.

Coffee Day Cream

How To Make:

Mix 1 teaspoon glycerin with 4 to 5 drops of ginger juice and 1 teaspoon of rose water, and keep the mixture aside. Take 1 teaspoon coffee powder and add 1 teaspoon raw milk cream, half tea spoon aloe vera pulp and 5 to 6 drops of apricot oil, and grind them to form a thick paste. Now add the glycerin, ginger juice and rose water syrup in the paste and grind the mixture again. Add more rose water to form a thin paste.

But remember, skip using ginger juice in case you have a naturally sensitive skin.

How To Apply:

Simply put dots of the coffee day cream all around the swollen eye area, and massage till the nutrients are absorbed. Ideally stop massaging when there’s just coarse residue left behind. Remove the extra traces with a blotting paper. Avoid any immediate contact with the eyes.


This is a leave in cream that keeps shrinking the swollen cells all through the day. The blood circulation is increased and oxygen is supplied in more amount. Coffee, ginger juice and glycerin reduce swelling, and apricot oil and aloe vera juice prevent the formation of wrinkles due to the risk of hanging skin that might be left behind as a result of water removal. Rose water and raw milk cream ensure that the shrunken cells remain elastic, so that the skin under the eyes doesn’t get loose.

5. Coffee Night Cream/ Leave In Serum

Night is a repairing time for the skin. And a natural coffee serum can actually diminish the baggy swollen eyes and dark circles in less than a month, when used regularly.

What use need is filtered coffee, neem oil, almond oil, rosehip oil, raw milk and distilled water.

Coffee Night Cream, Leave In Serum

How To Make:

Mix all the above listed ingredients in equal proportions and warm them in sim flame just before applying. Remember to not use a cold solution during night time.

How To Apply:

Close your eyes and massage the serum around the eyes and over it for 15 minutes. Massage more if there’s still a lot of sticky residue left behind. Once done, use a blotting paper to remove the traces of extra oil.


Coffee, rich in caffeine, starts pressing the water out of the eye bags. It simultaneously reduces pain and inflammation. It also reduces wrinkles and fine lines, since it is an antioxidant. Neem oil works as a natural bleaching agent that reduces scars and spots around the puffy eyes, and also reduces melanin secretion. This reduces dark circles too. Raw milk is rich in lactic acid. Thus, it further fades the colour of dark circles and also brightens up the eye area. Rosehip oil and almond oil collectively repair collagen so that the new cells are formed.

The above listed 5 ways seem to be the best ways to use coffee in order to reduce dark circles and wrinkles, and remove swelling. When used in tandem as a complete day to night skin care regimen, the effects become visible within a week.