Home Remedies For Genital Warts


Home Remedies For Genital Warts

Considered to be a very common STD (sexually transmitted disease), genital warts are caused by the human papillomavirus virus (HPV) and is prevalent in people individuals who lead an active sex life.


The condition is characterized by the appearance of small, reddish bumps on the skin and tissues surrounding the genital region. Looking like a miniscule cauliflower, these warts can be invisible to the naked eye at times, but can also grow large in size and become irritable.

Effective Home Remedies For Genital Warts

The occurrence of genital warts can be prevented with the help of vaccinations. Medications can also be used to get rid of these warts. Large warts however, would have to be treated with alternate forms of treatments like surgery, cryogenic treatment and invasive medical procedures.

However, there are certain home remedies that can help treat the symptoms of these warts and reduce the size of warts and minimizing their appearance. Given below are some of the most recommended home remedies for the treatment of genital warts.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid that has a corrosive action against warts. Applying a few drops of apple cider vinegar over the warts regularly can curb excessive growth and make the warts disappear completely with time. The acidic content of apple cider vinegar would corrode the abnormal growth and make it fall off quickly and effectively.

Use a cotton ball to apply the vinegar directly above the genital warts. Make it a point to apply some Vaseline or petroleum jelly on the healthy skin surrounding the warts so that accidental contact with the vinegar would not affect these areas.

Apple Cider Vinegar

2. Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E Oil can also effectively reduce the size of genital warts and prevent reinfections. Use a cotton ball or a filler to apply a few drops of Vitamin E oil directly above the warts. Repeat this for at least twice every day until the warts disappear completely. If need be, apply some crushed garlic over the warts immediately after applying some vitamin E oil on them. This would help get rid of the infection (and the warts) faster.

Vitamin E Oil

3. Garlic

Garlic contains potent antibacterial and antifungal properties that can help control the symptoms of genital warts and get rid of the virus causing them, thereby treating the root cause of the condition. This in turn would prevent the warts from growing or spreading, and would effectively prevent recurrences as well.

Crush a few cloves of raw garlic and apply the paste over the genital warts. Cover the warts with a gauze bandage. After about a day or two, apply a fresh paste of garlic on the warts and cover them again. Repeat the same until the warts disappear. Alternatively, you can also eat a few cloves of raw garlic every day to treat the infection from inside the body.


4. Tea Tree Oil

Essential oils like tea tree oil contain potent antibacterial properties that would help get rid of the human papillomavirus virus causing the infection. This in turn would stop the growth of genital warts, a factor that would make them dry out and fall away naturally with time.

Tea tree oil is very concentrated and can damage the healthy skin around the warts. So use a cotton ball or filler to apply just a few drops (3 at the most) directly onto the warts. Keep doing the same at least once a day until the warts fall off or diminish in size and disappear completely.

Tea Tree Oil

5. Onions

Onions can help increase the blood flow to the genital region, thereby promoting quick healing after an infection. Increased blood flow to the infected region would also enable the body to fight off the infection causing virus effectively. Crush a few onions (you can also opt for sliced onions) and apply the resultant paste on the warts and the other areas of the genital region that are infected.

You may experience some itching and irritation at first. Cover the warts with a gauze bandage for about 2-3 days after which you can add some fresh onion paste to the infected region and cover it again. Keep repeating the same until the warts disappear completely.

For better results, you can opt to combine onion and garlic paste, and apply the resultant mix on the warts for a speedy recovery. If you are able to handle the irritation, sprinkle some salt onto the paste before applying it over the warts. Cover the warts with a bandage and proceed as mentioned above.


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6. Oatmeal Bath

An oatmeal bath can alleviate the itching and irritation caused by genital warts to a great extent. You can get powdered oats at the local supermarket. Alternatively, you can grind some regular oatmeal to form a coarse powder. Mix 2 tablespoons of this powder to a warm water bath and soak in the same for at least half an hour to get relief from the symptoms of genital warts. You can also add a few drops of apple cider vinegar to the bath to fight off the infection in the process.

Oatmeal Bath

7. Grape Fruit Seeds

Studies have revealed the efficacy of grape fruit seeds in treating genital warts. Soak a few grape fruit seeds in water overnight. Grind the seeds the next morning to form a thick paste (you can add a few drops of water or tea tree oil to get the desired consistency).

Apply this paste directly above the genital warts and rinse if off after about 20 minutes. Repeat the same at least twice a day for quick and desirable results.

Grape Fruit Seeds

8. Duct Tape

The reason this particular remedy is featured at the bottom of the list is that in spite of its efficacy in treating genital warts, the actual practice is rarely followed by people owing to its oddness. Take a normal purpose duct tape and cover the warts completely with it. Keep the warts covered with the duct tape for at least a week after which you can remove it.

The warts would become moist during this period and can be easily removed by rubbing them gently with an emery board. If they don’t come off, duct tape them again and try removing them again after another 7 days. With time, the warts would fall off completely.

Duct Tape