8 Best Herbal Remedies For Red Acne


Herbal Remedies For Red Acne It is the most embarrassing moment to have a zit pop out on the face. The red, wealy and pus filled blisters mar the beauty of the pristine clear skin and need to be treated right away.The skin condition normally shows up at 13 years of age and refuses to be flicked off for years and years due to hormonal upheaval in the growing bodies. But it is temporary, till then we have some natural herbal remedies to deal with your acne:

Herbal Remedies For Red Acne


Garlic Reduce Red Acne The stenchy garlic has some amazing properties. Pick up some garlic cloves, crush a little and rub the acne with garlic juice several times daily. This helps in healing the acne and also brings some relief to the pain.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera Reduce Red Acne Aloe Vera has amazing healing and skin cleansing properties. Take an aloe Vera leaf and press hard to remove the pulp. Use the pulp to cleanse skin and counteract skin infections.The pulp helps in healing the skin. The leaf can also be crushed and the pulp smeared directly on the skin. Make sure you remove the thorny sides before you rub leaf on your face.

Amaranthus Spinosus

Amaranthus Spinosus Reduce Red Acne Put about 2 tea spoons of Amaranthus spinosus or Amarnath seeds into 3 cups water and boil away for about 5 minutes. Make this tea and then add a few more leaves, cover and let it brew for about half an hour till it cools. Use it as a face wash.


Neem Reduce Red Acne Neem has anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties and is a wonder drug for the Ayurvedics. Have a bath using water made by boiling neem leaves and wash your face with it during the day. Crush a few neem leaves and then swallow it with a glass of water in the morning. This will help in getting rid of acne.


Boil two to four teaspoons basil leaves in water and leave to brew for about 20 minutes. After cooling take a cotton swab and apply on the acne.

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Squeeze a few drops of lemon juice and dip a cotton ball into it and apply on face to cleanse the skin. The lemon contains acid that helps the skin stay beautiful after flushing out the pores of the dirt and will help get rid of acne.Another way is to squeeze lemon into boiling water and then trap the steam from it and steam clean your face. The oil and the dirt will be loosened, take a cotton ball and cleanse your acne covered skin. Lemon tea with coriander, cumin and fennel can also be taken three times a day for healthy skin.

Lemon Reduce Red Acne Cucumber

Peel and pulp a cucumber in the blender. Take this juice on a cotton ball and apply to the acne covered skin. Drinking cucumber juice also helps as it purifies the lymphatic system and blood circulation. This leads to clear and rejuvenated skin free of acne in the long run.

Cucumber Juice For Red Acne Grape

Grape juice is a strong antimicrobial agent and helps in disinfecting the skin. The grape juice extract can be added to water and then applied on the skin with a cotton ball.

Grape Juice For Red Acne Relief