9 Home Remedies for Baby Teething


Home Remedies for Baby Teething

The process of teething could be painful to both baby and parents. Drooling, chronic crying, irritability, loose bowel movements, irregular sleep patterns are symptoms of teething.

The key is to soothe baby gums with a teething home remedy.Here are mentioned some handy tips which help in teething of baby without pain.

Home Remedies for Baby Teething

1. Borax and Honey

Take borax (suhaga) roast it over tava and make a fine powder. Take pinch of powder, mix it with honey and massage gently on baby gums. It helps to soothe the baby aching gums.

Borax and Honey

2. Pure Desi Ghee

Take Warm pure desi ghee and massage baby’s forehead and temple gently. It helps in giving relief from problems arises out of teething such as fever, sleeplessness.

Pure Desi Ghee

3. Carrot

Freeze a carrot for a while and give it to baby to chew. You can also give home made carrot juice.

It will help not to have pain when teeth are coming out. Other frozen fruits like strawberry, grapes, apple can also be given to baby to chew.


4. Tilasmi Moti

This is a kind of pearl in silver colour shaped like rice and hole in both sides to pore black thread .It is available in Hyderabad, also known as hyderabadi moti. Tie it on child’s neck; before the first teeth comes (when you feel baby gums are hard) and let it remain till molars come out. No or minimum irritation, pain occurs at the time of teething.

Tilasmi Moti

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5. Clove Oil

Clove oil has warming and numbing properties. Clove oil can be rubbed on sore gums to relieve pain, but only use a tiny amount; too much can upset a baby stomach.

Clove Oil

6. Chew Toys

Give baby teething rings, teething biscuits, and rusk to chew. Massage the gums of baby with clean finger or soft toothbrush. It circulates the blood up to the surface of gum and helps with teething.

Chew Toys

7. Allspice Necklace

Allspice is a cooking spice found in the spice aisle of most grocery store. In order to make an allspice necklace, boil your allspice beads for about 5-10 minutes and drain. Thread the beads on to the thread. Tie on the baby’s neck but make sure it touches skin of baby.

Allspice contains the ingredient tannin; it tightens up the gums so that teeth pop through quickly. Allspice necklace can stay on 24/7 with no harm to the child. It works only when it is in contact with baby skin; tie it on neck at the first sign of teething symptoms.

Allspice Necklace

8. Adam’s Almond Extract

Rub the almond extract onto baby gums for comfort and pain relief. Adam’s almond extract contains a minor amount of alcohol, it numb the gums and gives relief in pain.

Adam’s Almond Extract

9. Calcium

At the time of teething, give baby plenty of foods with high level of calcium and Vitamin D. Calcarea phosphoric is basically a calcium powder that helps with teething process.

It is 100% natural and no side effects. It is excellent for improving circulation, bones and teeth. You can give 2 tablets per day (one in morning and other in evening).