18 Home Remedies For Asthmatic Wheezing


Home Remedies For Asthmatic Wheezing

When lower respiratory tract gets infected, it sends the alarm bells ringing, more  so in the case of children. The wheezing sound of breathing becomes audible and is high-pitched. This is what becomes extremely worrisome.

Due to infection the air passages become narrow. We need to know that wheezing is not always due to asthma. Whatever may be the cause, wheezing makes us more careful. At this juncture, we want to look for  remedies, because they  become essential part of treatment. After all the breathlessness and dry irritating cough does not seem to allow  the patient sleep at night.There is a lot that one can do to mange the  wheezing with home remedies.

List Of Home Remedies For Asthmatic Wheezing

1. Hot Fomentation

Since the body area that needs utmost attention is the chest, one should  try to keep it warm.  Use fomentation bottle to warm up the chest, upper back, and back side of the neck. Keeping your feet in warm water is also helpful.

Hot Fomentation

2. Apply Oil

Take 100 ml sesame oil, add to it half a tsp of asafoetida and a pinch of camphor. Mix well and store in a dark colored glass bottle. Apply it twice  a day on chest and upper back to relieve the symptoms of wheezing.

Apply Oil

3. Sip Lobelia Tea

One of the best herbs for wheezing, you can make its tea and drink.  A word of caution, you must drink it in small sips and drink slowly.

If you drink it rapidly,  it may result in vomiting. Lobelia tea will relax the nerves and the wheezing will be controlled.

 Lobelia Tea

4. Eat Yogurt

Vitamin B12 is considered lung-friendly vitamin. Eating about 2 cups of yogurt a day,  works very well to protect against asthma attacks. If you are sensitive to sulfite, then the curd will be even more beneficial for asthma in your case.


5. Use Home Vaporizer

This folk remedy is very potent for asthma wheezing. Whatever treatment you do, using vaporizer helps in supplementing that. Take  one liter water, preferably non-chlorinated. Bring it to a boil and add 10 to 12  drops of peppermint oil. Let it remain on low heat till all the water evaporates. In the meantime,  make sure that the doors are closed. If the room is big, you will have to take more water and more peppermint oil. For best results make a temporary tent with a sheet to  inhale the vapors.

Use Home Vaporizer

6. Eat Fish

Eating omega-3 fatty acids-laden fish reduce the asthma attacks. Omega-3 fatty acids enhance the ability  of the lungs to deal with irritants and hence, it has been seen that the effect is very encouraging.

The research shows that the probability of an attack can go down by 50%, if mackerels are eaten every day. Eating sardines is helpful too.

Eat Fish

7. Drink Orange Juice

It has been found by the researchers that drinking 3 glasses of orange juice everyday can bring down wheezing to 70%. The reason for orange juice benefit is,  because the lining of the respiratory tract needs good amounts of vitamin C. One can include some other food items rich in vitamin C, such as papaya and green chili and lime.

Drink Orange Juice

8. Drink Coffee

You may never have thought that coffee can help treat wheezing.  Caffeine has the power to dilate the airways.

It should not be given to the children, adults can have 3 cups a day for relief. It used to be a popular folk remedy till about two centuries ago.

Drink Coffee

9. Apply Ointment

It may sound awkward, but it works. Pick some aromatic ointment and apply it on the sole of the feet, just before going to sleep. Let it remain overnight. It is a traditional remedy which is known to work very well. Use it for children, put socks on the feet after applying the ointment. You will see that relief from wheezing will be on the way.

Apply Ointment

10. Make Home Dust Free

Even at the cost of being obsessive, you have got to become super clean. It helps to keep the surroundings  allergen-free. It will help alleviate the symptoms of asthmatic wheezing.

Make Home Dust Free

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11. Cayenne Peppers Or Red Chilli

The hot red chillies help open the air passages. Once they are eaten, the fluids of the body get very active in no time, whether they are the fluids of mouth or throat or of the lungs. The mucus becomes thin, hence it becomes easy to breathe.

Cayenne Peppers Or Red Chilli

12. Drink Teas

Licorice tea is considered particularly very useful in asthmatic wheezing. You can drink ginger tea too. For making tea with licorice take an inch long licorice root, crush it and put it in two cups of water. Let it steep for 5 minutes, boil it for 10 minutes, all the goodness of licorice will come into water, your tea is ready after straining. Same way, ginger tea can be made, use one tsp of grated ginger to make two cups of tea. You should put one tbsp of honey to ginger tea.

Drink Teas

13. Steam Inhalation

Steam helps relieve the symptoms of all the  respiratory tract ailments. Throw a towel on your head to inhale steam from a mini sauna, for 10 minutes.

Steam will humidify your respiratory passages, easing your breathing, that will help in looking after the wheezing.

Steam Inhalation

14. Make A Rub

Make a  therapeutic rub at home. For this you need mustard oil and camphor. Mix both of them,  they are very strong in their action. After the application on the back and chest, cover with a cloth so as to avoid exposing to the air.

Make A Rub

15. Apply Paste

Try this healing paste of turmeric on your chest. Make a paste of turmeric powder with water and apply it on chest. Leave it for half an hour and wipe it off with a damp cloth.

Apply Paste

16. Hot Soups 

Drinking hot soups is a very welcome drink for asthma wheezing, specially in winters.  It will hydrate the body, drink as many cups as you can.  You can even drink juices of vegetables to keep a check on wheezing.

Hot Soups

17. Honey Inhalation

Honey inhalation can be done by putting some honey in the boiling water and inhaling the honey-laden vapors.

Honey Inhalation

18. Prevention Of Wheezing

All the allergens have to be kept at bay, they may be pollen or pets. Stay clear of strong smells like that of a paint. See if you can avoid dust, pollution and smoke.

Prevention Of Wheezing