5 Effective Herbal Remedies For Wheezing


Herbal Remedies For Wheezing

You experience the wheezing when the path of airways become narrow in your lungs and further the air cannot pass through them. You can yourself detect wheezing as you’ll hear a bizarre whistle akin to sound while you breathe. This high pitch sound comes from your chest and lungs. Wheezing can also arise due to congestion in lungs, upper respiratory infection, asthma, allergies, and inflammation in the lungs, pneumonia, acute bronchitis and lung disease or lung cancer.

You may be exercising or taking part in any activities and suddenly wheezing starts. You should quickly stop it and sit down so that the air will be allowed to get inside your lungs. You should consult your doctor and follow his prescription medications including natural cures.

You can have cold drinks or turmeric tea or lime juice to overcome wheezing or you can also have steam therapy. But you can also take the advantage of the fruitful herbal remedies that will certainly heal your wheezing. We’ve approached with 5 valuable herbal remedies for wheezing in order to gain your usual health.

Herbal Remedies For Wheezing

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba To Reduce Wheezing

Ginkgo biloba has the potential to cure your wheezing. This herb operates like an expectorant in warding off the wheezing and it also helps in lessening the congestion in your chest and coughing.If you’re unable to breathe properly, it will be solved with the intake of ginkgo. You can make the powder from its seeds or leaves and have it once a day for few days till you recover from wheezing.

Carom Seeds

Carom Seeds To Reduce Wheezing

Carom seeds are extremely small in size and they have strong taste and are also fragrant in nature. The dose of cumin seeds will differ from 1 gram to 3 grams each day. They have medical properties such as anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, anti-microbial, etc which will reduce the wheezing. You can take some carom seeds and put them in a bowl of boiling water for few minutes. Then you can cover your head with a towel as you bring it near the bowl. You can now breathe the warm water which will clear your airway.

Licorice Root

Licorice Root To Reduce Wheezing

Licorice root contains anti-inflammatory properties and it is also a superior expectorant which eases your wheezing in few days time. You can prepare tea by adding some roots of licorice, along with 2-3 drops of sesame oil.You can drink one cup of tea once a day daily. You can also have two capsules made of licorice root with water for two times a day regularly.


Thyme is a natural herb which has strong aroma and it also comprises many culinary and medicinal applications. It can not only ward off the wheezing and also the other symptoms like allergy, asthma and chest congestion.You can add this herb in any cooked food and eat it for some days. It can also be combined in soups and stew. But it is advised to know the right dose of thyme from the doctor as it can also give you side effects.

Thyme To Reduce Wheezing


Chamomile can be aided in reducing the wheezing and it also works superbly in treating chest allergies. If you’re experiencing chest congestion, then the seeds, leaves and flowers of chamomile can be implemented as herbal medicine for shunning the wheezing.You can include this herb in your diet and ingest daily or you can make chamomile tea and drink it one time a day for few days. Therefore if the children as well as adults suffer from wheezing, they should apply the above best herbal remedies and get themselves relieved from it.

Chamomile Reduce Wheezing