5 Top Home Remedies For Phobias

Home Remedies For Phobias Ever heard the word ‘Phobia’? Certainly you have. Most people have phobia, this can be of anything like flying, walking, cockroaches, bees, tree, spiders, height, underground tunnels, trains, driving, skiing, and I mean everything can be a phobia for anyone. In simple language we can describe phobia as unreasonable fear for anything that can’t even have capability to harm you. Some fear water or fire while others fear mice, or cat or almost anything. Phobia can cause you extreme anxiety & depression. Phobias can be classified according to its nature like clinical phobia, phobia for particular things or specific phobia, phobia due to other people or mob or any society related phobia or social phobias.These phobias are further divided into several subcategories. We are not going here in details but just naming them. Acrophobia – for heights, Agoraphobia – fear of sex violence, Arachnophobia – fear of spiders, Aqua phobia – fear of water, Gelotophobia – fear of people laughing at you, Hade phobia – fearing hell, and so on. This list is very long to count. Similarly the causes of any phobia can be completely different from others.

There are various reasons that can cause phobia including childhood experience or childhood fears, phobia due to some mental or physical disorder, phobia transferred from one generation to other, any life experience, injuries and various others. It is very difficult to prescribe any specific medicinal treatment for phobia as it is psychological problem too. Similarly home remedies can be useful to minimize the phobias and it completely depends on its nature.

Home Remedies For Phobias


Juniper Juniper is considered a useful remedy against phobias. Any home related item that contains sedative may be useful for phobia treatment. For using juniper you can use its extracts or oil of juniper that can be found in any grocery store. Use this oil for massage once in a day, or add few drops of it in hot bathing water and have bath with this. It will relax you.


Meditation This is very useful method to avoid various anxieties, depression, disturbing thoughts, nightmares and phobias. It is a proven way to ease various phobias and provide relaxation.

If you have never practiced meditation then don’t go for hard meditation, just do simple practice like sit in any natural and calm place, sit in relaxing position breath slowly with your eyes closed. Try to concentrate your mind and feel pure air you are inhaling. Do it either in morning or evening and that’s all. This simple method will help you in countering your phobia.

Aroma Therapy

Aroma Therapy This is an effective and well known method to counter phobias. In older times it was widely practiced in most parts of the world. Aromatherapy is using various some essential oil for massaging purpose. Various essential oils are very good for our nerves and their essence sooth & calm our mind. You can also add few drops of essential oil into your bathing water or simply inhale it. Some useful essential oils are lavender, jasmine, juniper, basil, ginger, chamomile and many others.

Wild Lettuce

This is among the best known remedy for phobia, as it has sedative properties. It can be used in oil form made with wild lettuce extracts or you can add it in your tea or you can use it with salad. Another method for using it is to inhale its extract or use few drops of lettuce oil for bathing purpose. Wild lettuce is also useful in various health related problems like cough & cold, sleeping disorders, anxiety and various others.

Wild Lettuce Lemon Or Orange

Lemon or orange can be used effectively in case of phobias. As we know lemon and orange are rich in vitamin C, which relives our nerves stress. Particular fragrances are found useful in lowering fears & anxieties and both orange and lemon has that fragrance to calm and relaxing our mind and body.

Lemon Or Orange