5 Top Home Remedies For Rectal Cancer


Top Home Remedies For Rectal Cancer Rectal cancer is also referred as colorectal cancer. Rectal cancer is a cancer that occurs in rectum part or in appendix. Cancer cells form in rectal area tissues and cause tumor growth or cancer cells abnormal growth. Various reasons can be responsible for causing rectal cancer or colorectal cancer; due to hereditary reasons, due to age, chronic disease, smoking, polyps and others. The various symptoms of rectal cancer are decreased diet, rectum pain, blood in stools, tiredness and others.

Rectal cancer is a fatal disease and proper medical attention is necessary. Consult your doctor immediately if having any related symptoms regarding rectal cancer. Earlier detection can be an added advantage for treatment of rectal cancer. In older days various home remedies were used for its treatment and theses home remedies are still relevant in this case.

Home Remedies For Rectal Cancer


Garlic For Rectal Cancer Garlic can be an option to be used in rectal cancer, these all home remedies are effective in pre stage and in advanced stage expert medical treatment is needed only. Various studies have proven garlic’s effectiveness in minimizing the cancer chances. Garlic is very simple in use.It can be taken in many forms like eating raw garlic cloves, adding in various food preparations, garlic essential oil form, garlic tablets and others. Garlic is a wonderful home remedy that can be useful in various health problems.


Onion For Rectal Cancer Onion is also considered as an effective way to counter rectal cancer and helps in decreasing the risk of cancer. Onion and garlic with their amazing natural properties are known as anti cancer foods too. Onion helps in detoxifying our body tissues and enhancing our immune system resistance.You can use onions in any way you like, add onion regularly in your food preparation, you can also add it in salad. The best way to use onion is to eat it raw after properly cleaned. It will provide you help in decreasing the cancer risk also.


Basil For Rectal Cancer Basil is a very good immune system enhancer, and helps in all types of cancers. The various medicinal properties of basil make it useful in many health related problems.Basil can be taken in many ways like using basil with tea, using oil of basil extracts, adding basil leaves in tea, consuming basil leaves as raw and using with warm water or with slight honey. Basil is useful removing polyps & other infections too.


Turmeric For Rectal Cancer Turmeric contains various medicinal properties as garlic and ginger does. It is very useful in various infections & inflammation. It decreases the risk of polyps and other skin disorders too. It increases our immune capability and decrease cancer risks.Turmeric has natural quality to counter cancer cells. Turmeric can be used in many ways like adding in food preparations, taking raw, with honey, with warm milk or by boiling in water is drinking one time per day.


Carrot For Rectal Cancer Carrot is a well known cancer fighter and often advised by doctors too. It has carotenoid that helps in cancer. Carrot has antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties too. Carrot juice is very helpful in various infestations.Consuming carrot juice 1-2 times in a day helps in minimizing the cancer risks and health related problems. You can either use carrot as raw or by making its juice, additionally you can use it in salad or in food preparations too.

5 Top Home Remedies For Rectal Cancer