Top 7 Natural DIY Methods To Get Rid Of Sunburn And Sunburn Blisters


DIY Methods To Get Rid Of Sunburn And Sunburn Blisters

Sunburn blisters are small, white, fluid filled bumps that appear on skin due to severe sunburn. If you go under scorching heat of the sun without any protection, your skin gets damaged by the heat of sunrays and ultraviolet rays of the sun. At the primary stage of sunburn, the skin turns dark because of excessive melanin production. In severe case, blisters arise on the skin. These blisters are uncomfortable and can even be painful and itchy. Blisters may even turn serious, if not attended at the very primary stage. It may lead to skin infection accompanied with fever and pain. You may get some readymade creams and lotions for suntan and sunburn blisters. But, they may not be effective especially when blisters appear on severely sun damaged skin. There are some regular home products contain organic chemicals that play superb role to solve the problem of sunburn and sunburn blisters.

This Article Will Offer You A Few Tips In This Matter:

1. Chilled Milk:

Chilled milk is one of the most effective things for sun burnt skin. Take some chilled, semi-frozen milk in a container. Soak a cotton ball in it. Dab it on your skin. Chilled milk is a great skin soother and reduces itching. It also helps to clean your skin. Supplying needed nutrients it serves to repair the damage of the skin and remove darkness caused by sunrays. Regular application of milk also helps to shrink the size of blisters. Apply chilled milk on your skin twice daily. You will get the benefit.

Chilled Milk

2. Aloe vera:

Aloevera is another excellent natural product for sunburn and sunburn blisters. Take one freshly cut aloevera tube. Remove the gel. Add the gel in the blender. Blend it well. Preserve the blended aloevera gel in the refrigerator. Massage this gel on your skin whenever possible. Leave it as long as possible and then wash. Aloevera gel is a cool substance and is beneficial for sunburn and blisters.

Aloe vera

3. Sandalwood:

Sandalwood paste is an excellent natural product for sun burn and blisters. Take some pure sandalwood powder and add it in the container. Pour some water in the powder to paste. Apply this paste on sunburn and sunburn blisters. Sandalwood itself is a cool substance and it gives your skin a great comfort. Not only that, antiseptic property of sandalwood helps to counter infection and reduces blisters in size. Regular application of sandalwood is really beneficial for sunburn and blisters.


4. Yoghurt And Rosewater:

Yogurt is an excellent natural product for sunburn skin. Take 1 tablespoon sour yogurt and whip it well. Add the same amount of rose water with the yogurt. Massage this yogurt on your sun damaged skin. Leave it to get dry and then wash with normal water. Yogurt soothes your skin. Being naturally acidic, it helps to bleach your skin naturally and remove sun tan. Nutrients present in yogurt especially the whey protein and the calcium beneficial for sunburn blister. Rosewater makes your skin soft and smooth.

Yoghurt And Rosewater

5. Turmeric And Olive Oil:

Turmeric and olive oil is an excellent combination for sun burn and sunburn blisters. In a container add 1 teaspoon turmeric powder and 1 tablespoon olive oil. Mix well. You may add a few drops of water in the mixture for smooth paste. Apply this paste on your skin and leave it for 10-15 minutes. After that, rinse your skin with cool water. Turmeric saves your blister from getting infected. Olive oil is a good source of vitamin E. It helps your course sun burnt skin to make soft. This pack is really beneficial for sun damaged skin. Use it daily for a better result.

Turmeric And Olive Oil:

6. Honey:

Honey is another superb natural product for sun burnt skin. Take 2-3 tablespoons of honey and mix it well in a glass of water. Wash your skin again and again with this water. After washing your skin do not wipe it dry. Let your skin absorb the water. Honey has antiseptic property which protects your sunburn blisters from getting infected. Moreover, the antioxidant present in the honey helps in the speedy recovery of sun damaged skin. Moreover, it helps to lighten the skin removing the tan. Use it daily for a better result.


7. Potato:

Potato is another superb natural product. Peel and grate potato and extract the juice. Massage this juice on your sun damaged skin. Potato juice is a cool substance. It helps to reduce the irritation and itchiness of skin caused by excessive sun burn. Moreover, it serves to lighten the skin reducing the melanin production of the skin. Instead of potato juice you can also apply potato paste to get the same result.


Follow these methods along with keep drinking adequate water, fruit juice and vegetable juice to keep skin hydrated internally. Add a good amount of fresh fruits, vegetables, milk and protein in your daily diet to enhance the immunity power of the skin and to keep it healthy.


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