6 Ways Your Body Detoxifies Itself

Body Detoxifies Itself

Have you ever wondered how our body manages to detoxify the toxic products? How your system always cleanses itself without taking any external help? What are the organs which function to keep our body clean every time? These questions are really thought provoking and after knowing the answers to the above questions, you will really appreciate your body metabolism.

So Lets Take A Look Of The Cleansing Organs Or Detoxifying Organs Which Really Need A Special Attention:

1. Detoxifier Of Harmful Toxins:

The Liver- Liver is the most important organ responsible for metabolism. It is also the first line of defence of your body. The liver helps in detoxification of harmful products which enter your body via food or air. It prevents these toxins from entering the blood stream and filters your blood. The harmful end products are exiting through bile and urine. It metabolizes carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Excess amount of fat in the liver is converted into glucose and is supplied as a source of energy. In the same way excess amounts of carbohydrates and proteins are converted into fat and are stored as deposits. If you are consuming too much of alcohol liver becomes very active and helps in conversion of glucose into fat. If the limits are reached lot of fat deposits within the cells, not allowing any more metabolism. Hence you get fatty liver. So one has to stop taking alcohol beyond the limits if your liver has to work well.


2. Waste Elimination By Kidneys:

kidneys are we all know help to eliminate waste products through urine. They play an important role in natural detoxification.they maintain electrolyte balance and help in eliminating waste products. Liver sends the toxins through bile juice, which is eliminated in the urine by the kidneys. They both work with coordination, because of which the toxins are not sent to the blood stream back.


3. Draining Harmful Gasses And Toxins:

The intestinal track serves as an organ to drain out the waste material after food metabolism. Thousands of bacteria work in the intestine to take the essential nutrients of the food. The left waste is sent through the drain pipe . Apart from them, the intestine also serves in exiting harmful toxins and gasses obtained through skin and lungs. If the food is not digested properly, there are many detoxifies available in the market which can cleanse your digestive system, especially intestine.

Gasses And Toxins

4. Elimination Of Toxins Through Exhalation By Lungs:

Huge pollution in the atmosphere is one cause due to which our body gets affected by toxins. Do you know that inhalation and exhalation are a wonderful process where the harmful toxins are eliminated from your body? Yes, lungs eliminate most of the toxins that enter the body through exhalation. This is what our traditional yoga Pranayam, tells us. Deep breath in and breath out exercises can purify your body and eliminate the toxins.


5. Toxin Removal By Sweat:

Few toxins are expelled from the body through sweat. We all know that the skin acts as a good regulator of body temperature and protects in defence. But most of us are not aware that skin actually detoxifies the waste products which are crystals. They are urea and uric acids. These are produced as residues in the metabolism of proteins. Thus skin helps in eliminating these harmful products and thus assisting kidneys.

Removal By Sweat

6. Stopping Invasion Of Harmful Substances By Lymph:

They are primarily responsible for body’s immune system. When harmful organisms invade your body, they produce WBC’s and fight against them. They remove harmful toxins from the body and help in detoxification.