8 Best Facial Treatments To Sooth Your Skin


Facial Treatments To Sooth Your Skin

Harsh sun rays and pollutants can give do worse for our skin. Apart from dehydration it can also cause severe damage which leads to premature ageing. The first step to tackle this issue is to prevent it from sun exposure by applying sunscreen without fail every day. Now coming back to heal and repair the skin which is already damaged. Now most of the times to we rush to salon and spend bucks to pamper our skin and sooth it. But you can perform those effective facial treatments at the comfort of your home with easily available ingredients. Since these are home remedies which includes all the natural ingredients , it would not give you any side effects and safe to be used by sensitive skin beauties as well. So lets get started.

1. Strawberry & Mint Facial:

You must have used this combo in making smoothies and fruit salads. But now its time to use these two to pamer your skin. You would just need to get few strawberries and mint leaves. Crush them together and apply this facial masks on your skin. Strawberries are rich source of Vitamin C which works best on your blemishes and uneven skin tone while mint gives cooling effect to your skin and rejuvenate it.

Strawberry & Mint Facial

2. Kiwi Facial:

Kiwis are the powerhouse of Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Vitamin B and Vitamin K. It also contains high level of anti oxidants which takes care of free radicals. Hence it is one of the best ingredients in skin treatments. Apart from including in your diet you can just make a puree of it and apply it as a mask on your face. It is one of the best treat for your irritated skin. It gives much needed hydration to your skin and soothes your skin. It also helps to bring out the natural glow of your skin.

Kiwi Facial

3. Mojito And Strawberry Facial:

We all have enjoyed these in mock tails and smoothies. These fruits instantly rejuvenate us and refresh us. Do you know even the smoothie of these two can work wonders on our irritated and damaged skin too. Above all it is suitable for all skin types. Just  make a puree of these two and apply on your face. Mojito instantly refresh your skin while strawberry works on pigmentation and lightening of the skin due to vitamin C content.

 Mojito And Strawberry Facial

4. Avocado Facial:

This Buttery fruit ensures you to get a nourishing and soothing effect after the facial. Avocado is the blessing for our skin. It contains high level of anti oxidants, fatty acids and vitamin c which are very essential to rejuvenate your skin and nourish it from within. It also helps to improve the complexion with regular usage. Just puree the avocado pulp in a blender and apply it all over your face. It deep cleanses the skin and provides long lasting hydration to our skin.

Avocado Facial

5. Chocolate And Passion Fruit Facial:

I am sure most of you would try this facial because of chocolate. The passion fruit is rich source of beta carotene, vitamin A, Vitamin C , Iron, Magnesium, Potassium and high level of anti oxidants. The paste of Passion fruit pulp and chocolate on your face would help to give your skin deep nourishment and hydration. Due to its anti oxidant content it also helps to firm your skin.

Chocolate And Passion Fruit Facial

6. Saffron And Orange Facial:

Orange is knows as our skins best friend since it contains high level of vitamin c which helps to boost the collagen production and keep it blemish free. While saffron helps to give you the brightening effect to your skin. The combo of these two would help you to get rid of acne, pimples and wrinkles. You would need to make an orange juice with few strands of saffron it and apply it on your face. It would prevent the skin from free radicals and restores the natural glow of your skin.

Saffron And Orange Facial

6. Papaya Facial:

Papaya contains High level of enzymes and vitamin A. It helps you to get rid of all types of skin concerns. This facial would help you to cleanse your skin and give the natural glow to the skin. Papaya facial would also help you to get rid of acne and pimples. Due to its vitamin A content it also helps to treat the signs of ageing and reduce the wrinkles. It helps to improve the complexion with regular usage.

Papaya Facial

7. Bearberry Facial:

Bear berries are mostly used in skin care treatments and spa  due to its effectiveness on skin pigmentation and discoloration. It also contains natural bleaching properties which helps in skin lightening.  Apart from these bear bearries are known to sooth your skin. It is recommended to use bear berries with apricot or wheat germ oil to enhance the result. You would need to crush few bear berries along with apricot o wheat germ oil and apply on your face. It helps to control the excessive oil secretion effectively and reduce the skin  pigmentation.

Bearberry Facial