Top 5 Home Remedies For Trigger Finger


Top 5 Home Remedies For Trigger Finger

The condition of trigger finger is said to occur if any of the fingers get stuck in the bent position. This may cause severe pain and constant triggering in that particular finger. Trigger finger occurs due to narrowing of tendons of the affected finger. Patients with diabetes are more susceptible to this form of disease.If you use your fingers often for gripping, then you may also get affected by this. This condition occurs only due to the continuous usage of the finger for a particular work. You can very well avoid it if you avoid the gripping actions.

Top 5 Home Remedies For Trigger Finger

1. Massage The Fingers With Oil

 Massage The Fingers With Oil
When you initially notice the symptoms of the trigger finger disorder, you can easily correct it by massaging the fingers with oil. You can use either olive oil or coconut oil for this purpose. You can slightly warm the oil before application, so that it will relieve you from the pain too. The massage should be done inward out, so that the tendons getting back to its original form.

2. Give A Warm Water Dip

 Give A Warm Water Dip

To get an immediate relieve from the pain due to trigger finger, you can get a warm water dip. You can fill in a large bowl with warm water and dip the finger inside it for a while. This can be done two times a day. You will find it refreshing and also give you great relief from pain.

3. Break Between Works Will Help

Break Between Works Will Help
One of the major reasons causing trigger finger is the improper usage of fingers. So, a proper break between works will help in preventing this disorder. Even after you get affected, you can take for a while from the usage of fingers. Also, avoid doing complex works using fingers like lifting of weights using fingers and other kind of folding works.

4. Splint To Support The Affected Finger

In case of severe conditions, you can get the help of splint to bring back the fingers to normal. You can attach it with the hand of the affected finger. This will prevent you from folding of finger even unconsciously. This will particularly be helpful during nights.

Support The Affected Finger

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5. Hot And Cold Fomentation

Apart from dipping in warm water, you can also perform hot and cold fomentation on the affected finger. This can be taking two cotton cloths, one filled with ice cubes and the other dipped in hot water. Ice cube dip can be used for a few seconds followed by the usage of hot water dip. This can be done alternatively for some time, till you feel a little better.

Prevention is always better and trigger finger is one such disease which can be easily prevented by taking a few effective steps. There are certain exercises of hands and fingers, which can be done regularly to avoid these kinds of disorders. Proper massage at regular intervals will also help you out. Though there is no particular medicine for it, only a proper usage of fingers will keep you at bay from trigger finger.

Hot And Cold Fomentation