9 Home Remedies For Scalp Psoriasis



Home Remedies For Scalp Psoriasis

Psoriasis can occur anywhere on the skin. Occurrence of psoriasis on the scalp is known as “Scalp psoriasis”. The problem of scalp psoriasis can extend to the neck area. Red patches on the scalp, dry scalp and itching are some common symptoms of scalp psoriasis. It is important to note that continuous scratching of the affected part of the scalp can also result in bleeding.

Infection, stress and change in climatic conditions can increase the problem of scalp psoriasis. Before using medicines or skin related cosmetic products, an individual can prepare and use different home remedies for scalp psoriasis.

Home Remedies For Scalp Psoriasis

1. Olive Oil

The problem of scalp psoriasis can be cured by using olive oil. Massaging the scalp gently with warm olive oil can help in removing scalp psoriasis. It is important to wash the hair after 30 minutes of the application of olive oil to obtain better results.

Olive Oil

2. Aloe Vera And Jojoba Oil

An individual can massage a mixture of aloe vera and jojoba oil on the scalp before going to sleep at night to obtain relief from the symptoms of scalp psoriasis.

Aloe Vera

3. Flaxseed Oil

It is interesting to note that intake of flaxseed oil as a part of daily food items can help in the treatment of scalp psoriasis.  Consumption of roasted flaxseeds (3 teaspoons) on a daily basis can also provide highly effective results.

Flaxseed Oil

4. Hair Mask

A hair mask can also be prepared by mixing olive oil (3 – 4 teaspoons), avocado oil (3 – 4 teaspoons), yogurt (1 tablespoon) and honey. Massaging the scalp with this mixture on a weekly basis can provide relief from the problem of scalp psoriasis. This mixture should be removed only after 60 minutes to obtain the desired results.

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5. Coconut Oil

Frequent application of warm coconut oil on the scalp can also treat the symptoms of scalp psoriasis. A shower cap can be used to cover the head for a period of 15 – 20 minutes after the application. Coconut oil should be removed with the use of warm water to obtain better results.

Coconut Oil

6. Vinegar

Scalp psoriasis can also be cured with the help of vinegar. A cotton ball can be used to apply a mixture of vinegar and warm water on the scalp. This mixture should be kept applied for 20 – 25 minutes before washing the hair.

Apple Cider Vinegar

7. Dead Sea Salt

Application of a mixture of dead sea salt and water on the scalp can help in treating the problem of scalp psoriasis. Washing head with warm water containing dead sea salt can also provide the desired results.

Sea Salt

8. Sandalwood And Rosewater

Drinking a mixture of sandalwood and rosewater 4 – 5 times can cure scalp psoriasis. This tonic can be prepared by boiling sandalwood powder (1 teaspoon) in a bowl of water (till the time 1/3rd of the mixture is left) and adding rosewater (3 tablespoons) to the boiled mixture.

Rose Water

9. Almond Powder

A paste created by mixing almond powder and water can also be directly applied on the scalp to deal with the problem of scalp psoriasis. It is important to keep the mixture applied for 15 – 20 minutes. To obtain best results, this remedy should be used twice in a day.

Almond Powder