10 DIY Psoriasis Home Remedies


Psoriasis Home Remedies

Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition. Malfunction of the immune system causes psoriasis. Psoriasis can appear in different parts of the body especially on the elbows, scalp, knees, face, feet, palms and back. Home remedies are often effective in providing relief from the symptoms of psoriasis. Eating fatty fish or fish oil capsule daily can help in preventing psoriasis flare-ups. Omega-3 fatty acids present in fish oil are powerful anti-inflammatory agents. Hence, intake of these essential fats helps in reducing the inflammatory skin condition. As stress triggers psoriasis, practicing stress management can prevent psoriasis. People suffering from psoriasis can benefit by avoiding wheat and other grains that contain gluten. To know about DIY psoriasis home remedies, visit the following link.

Everydayhealth – 10 DIY Psoriasis Home Remedies


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