4 Home Remedies For Hay Fever


Home Remedies For Hay Fever In simple terms if we try and define hay fever then it’s nothing but a type of allergy. It is however not at all possible to completely stay away from the allergens that lead to such a condition but then all you can do is limit the exposure.

Firstly, try and get your hands on the fact and information on the products that cause the allergic reactions in you. In the case of hay fevers, the adverse effects are generally in the areas of the nasal activity and eyes. Another interesting fact for you to note down is that they are seasonal in nature.

Since it can affect any age group, it is always recommended that you keep some home remedies handy which are not only safe but 100 percent effective. Some of the significant symptoms of this health ailment includes itching in any parts of the body, cold, issues of continuous sneezing and even lack of sleep in many cases. So here goes a health guide that will help you with the most researched solutions for hay fever-

Home Remedies For Hay Fever 

Use Chamomile Oil

Chamomile Oil To Reduce Hay Fever One of the perfect remedies for treating hay fever in a couple of days is the use of chamomile oil. Make sure it is of good quality and pure in nature. Where application is concerned you can put a few drops in a clean handkerchief or tissue paper and inhale from time to time or else prepare a cup of chamomile tea and drink everyday until the problem subsides.This will definitely reduce the symptoms to a great extent.Another way to use chamomile oil is to take a steam of warm water in which few drops of the oil have been put. This will really help in treating the nasal issues.

Effect Of Garlic

Garlic To Reduce Hay Fever Garlic is considered to be one of those products from the kitchen that will very well clear the nasal congestion and reduce the discomfort caused by hay fever and its symptoms.So make sure you consume one piece of garlic everyday while suffering from hay fever.

The Magic Of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar To Reduce Hay Fever Another product straight from the racks of your kitchen is apple cider vinegar. It works wonders on the condition of hay fever. Concentrate this effective liquid in water and keep it stored. Drink this every now and then in the entire day until all the symptoms are clear. You can also have the entire prepared liquid together. The quantity and ration to be used is 16 ounces of water for every 1/8 cup of vinegar.

Eating Healthy And Diet Plan

Vitamin C Rich Foods Helps In Hay Fever Make sure your daily meals have loads of Vitamin C rich foods which act as a great shield to the symptoms of hay fever. Also the food that you eat for the next couple of days should be full of nutrients, healthy and clean in all aspects. The fruits and vegetables you eat should be thoroughly washed in case the germs aggravate the situation further.The foods that should be avoided in the diet include all forms of dairy items, sugar and salt as well as flour.

4 Home Remedies For Hay Fever