10 Hernia Home Remedies


Hernia Home Remedies In hernia, there is formation of sac in the abdominal cavity lining. The exact cause of hernia is not known. The main condition that leads to hernia is high stomach pressure. Some conditions that increase the stomach pressure are lifting heavy objects and straining in the toilet. Some medical conditions like chronic constipation, cough, enlarged prostate, ascites, peritoneal dialysis and cystic fibrosis can increase the stomach pressure.

Poor nutrition and smoking can also cause hernia. You can take help of home remedies for hernia cure. Some of the hernia home remedies are as follows.

Home Remedies for Hernia

Avoid Stomach Pressure

Avoid Stomach Pressure For Hernia Tight clothes put pressure on the chest as well as stomach. Therefore, you must avoid wearing tight clothes. Do not strain while passing bowels as it increases the pressure inside the stomach, leading to hernia.

Take Rest

Take Rest For Hernia You must take rest with an elevated head after taking meals. Taking rest helps in soothing the stomach and preventing backflow of the food into the esophagus.

Elevate the Body

Elevate The Body For Hernia You must elevate the body by increasing the height of the bed. For this, put bricks on the bed legs. You can also elevate your head by using more pillows. Elevation of the body helps in preventing food regurgitation in the nighttime.

Rice and Banana Mixture

Rice And Banana For Hernia Mix rice and ripe banana in buttermilk. Take this drink two times daily. It helps in curing indigestion as well as burning due to hernia.

Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe Vera For Hernia Aloe Vera juice helps in curing hernia. Take one fourth cup of the juice at morning and night.

Weight Loss

Weight loss is an effective remedy for hernia. If you are overweight, it puts pressure on the stomach. Take low calorie diet. Avoid taking processed foods that contain fat. Exercise daily. Do not do exercise when you are full stomach.

Weight Loss Helps In Hernia Take Smaller Meals

If you take large meals, it will cause distension of the stomach and acid reflux along with heartburn. Therefore, you must take smaller meals. The stomach does not expand due to small meals. This helps in controlling the symptoms of hernia. Take bland meals. Eat fibrous foods.

Smaller Meals Helps In Hernia Keep a Food Dairy

Some foods cause adverse symptoms. Maintain a food diary and write how you feel after taking a particular food. Some people have hernia symptoms after eating onions, chocolate, soda and spicy food. Avoid foods that cause adverse symptoms.

Avoid Chocolate, Soda For Hernia Drink Raw Juices

You must drink raw juice of fruits as well as vegetables. Drink the juice thirty minutes before the meals. Carrot juice helps in soothing the stomach. Tomato juice helps in reducing burning chest sensation.

Drink Raw Juices For Hernia Avoid These Foods

Do not take food and drinks which are hot. Do not take spicy and acidic foods. Foods that contain fat and cholesterol can cause stomach bloating. So, avoid these foods. Do not take tea and coffee. You must avoid processed foods like bread and biscuits. Do not take extremely hot drinks. Take drinks after cooling a little. Avoid food and drinks which are extremely cold. Do not take condiments and pickles. Avoid alcoholic drinks.

Do not take water when having food. Water dilutes the digestive juices. Due to this, there is gas formation and distension of the stomach. The patient may have pain as well as discomfort.

Avoid Coffee For Hernia