5 Herbal Remedies For Bloating


Herbal Remedies For Bloating

Did you eat too much? Probably that is the reason why you have a bloated stomach. Some people face bloating after every meal and some people face it at times. Some foods are difficult to digest and so, it leads to bloating.There are certain foods which leads to a lot of gas in your stomach which makes your tummy feel giddy and swollen. There are innumerable reasons of bloating but there is a cure for everything in this world.

You do not have to run to a clinic for each and every reason. Bloating can be cured with effective herbal remedies. Herbs are great in treating any condition and so, you should go for herbal remedies. If you are too troubled with the bloating condition then take a look at the following herbal remedies which will surely make you feel better.

Effective Herbal Remedies for Bloating

Chamomile Tea 

Chamomile Tea For Bloating

Chamomile is a very ancient herb and has been used to treat innumerable ailments in the past. It helps in curing stomach troubles effectively. You can have chamomile tea to get relief from bloating.

Chamomile tea is also used to treat heartburn and ulcers. The tea will help you relax and will cure your bloated stomach. You can either prepare the tea with chamomile tea bags or fresh chamomile. We suggest that you pick fresh chamomile to prepare a hot cup of tea. It will really help!

Clove Oil

Clove Oil For Bloating

Clove oil is a very popular home remedy to treat a bloated stomach. Once you start feeling bloated, you can mix a little clove oil in hot water and drink it. This will help in both preventing and curing bloating. You should have it every morning in order to prevent bloating conditions. Clove tea can also help you get relief from bloating.


Dandelion Tea For Bloating

Dandelion is a very popular plant and an excellent herbal remedy to cure bloating condition. The plant has yellow flowers and grown in most of the yards. A lot of people grow this plant in their yards and so, you can easily find it.The roots and flower tops of Dandelion have antiviral and antioxidant properties. The leaves too have beneficial properties which helps in reducing bloating. You can have Dandelion tea on a daily basis to get rid of bloating.


Chickweed is easy to find in places where there is cultivated and most soil. It is a weedy plant which is green in color and it is rich in iron, calcium and potassium. You can add it to your salad or can make delicious juice out of it. Chickweed is a popular herbal remedy for bloating and can be found in the form of capsules and tablets too.

Chickweed For Bloating


Peppermint is an excellent home remedy for bloating. Peppermint plant can be easily found anywhere in the world. You can have peppermint tea to get rid of bloating as it really helps.

Peppermint Tea For Bloating

It helps in releasing gas from your stomach which ultimately helps in getting rid of bloating conditions.Bloating can be very irritating especially the feeling of your stomach being tight and getting stretched. You can easily get rid of the feeling by trying some effective herbal remedies. So, try the above mentioned herbal remedies as they will definitely work. Take care!

5 Herbal Remedies For Bloating