5 Effective Home Remedies For Sleep Apnea


Home Remedies For Sleep Apnea Does your throat suddenly close while you are sleeping? Do you stop breathing for about 10 seconds when you are sleeping? Do you snore heavily?

If the answer is a ‘Yes’ then you are suffering from sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a condition when your throat closes and you stop breathing for about 10 seconds while you are sleeping. This can be a very dangerous condition in future because it may lead to a severe heart attack.

The causes can be many but the most common one is being obese. Obesity can really lead to all kinds of diseases which are not pleasant. If you want to cure this condition, you would need to make simple changes in your lifestyle. You do not have to check with a doctor but you can follow certain home remedies that really work wonders. Take a look!

Best Home Remedies For Sleep Apnea

Say NO to Smoking

Avoid Smoking Reduce Sleep Apnea Smoking kills and if you have sleep apnea, it surely will increase the chances of dying one day. People who have this condition should avoid smoking because it might aggravate it.The chemicals which are present in a cigarette create congestion in the respiratory system. Since it irritates your lungs, it might lead to choking also. Try and avoid drinking and smoking as it does not benefit you in any way.


Exercise Reduce Sleep Apnea Exercising is the best home remedy to cure sleep apnea. Most of the people who suffer from sleep apnea are really obese or simply overweight. It is always good to have normal BMI. If you have too much fat around your neck and mouth then it will be harder to breathe. So, it is best to start exercising because that will improve your condition.You should run, walk or jog for about 30 minutes in a day to stay healthy. Some kind of activity is better than no activity. If you are facing trouble in exercising then just climb stairs or dance for an hour everyday. Even if you lose some weight, you will see the difference.

Change Your Sleeping Position 

Change Your Sleeping Position If you change your sleeping position, it might help you in some ways. Your condition can be eased if you sleep with your face down or on the side. You should lie down on your stomach while sleeping because it really helps. In order to avoid sleeping on the back, a lot of people sew a tennis ball at the back of their shirt. You can try the same too!

Saline Nasal Spray 

Saline Nasal Spray Reduce Sleep Apnea You can use a saline nasal spray as that will help you to keep your nasal passage open when you are sleeping. Since these are used for short-term, you should consult with your doctor as to which nasal spray you should use.A saline nasal spray will open your nose congestion and will help in getting a peaceful sleep.

No Sleeping Pills or Sedatives 

Avoid Sleeping Pills Helps In Sleep Apnea If you are trying to cure the condition of sleep apnea, you should not take sedatives or sleeping pills before bedtime as that will make the condition worse. You should try and get enough sleep without the usage of sedatives.So, now that you know of all the effective home remedies that work – you might as well try them out. Doctor will only give you innumerable antibiotics but with these home remedies, you will benefit for life. Take care of your health!

5 Effective Home Remedies For Sleep Apnea