5 Superb Foods To Cure Heartburn


Foods To Cure Heartburn Though named as Heartburn but it has nothing related to heart, it is a common digestive disorder which is faced by almost everyone at least once in their lifetime. Heartburn comes with a host of symptoms as burning sensation in chest or stomach area, gas, bitter taste in mouth, lack of appetizer, vomiting, bloating etc.

The actual reason of heartburn is when the gastric acids goes through the chest or throat or esophagus it burns the flimsy lining of epithelial, generating the burning sensation and other problems. The other reasons can be consuming excess amounts of spicy or oily food, pregnancy, intake of certain drugs, sleeping with full stomach, too much smoking, drinking alcohol, anxiety, etc.

However, heartburn though a common issue but excess level can lead to serious problem as gerd, so it need to be treated properly. As heartburn problem relates to digestive system so apart from taking medicines prescribed by the doctor, you can also include certain foods described below to your diet which has been proved fruitful to eliminate the this uneasy problem.

Various Foods To Cure Heartburn


Papaya For Heartburn Relief Here comes the taste with good health, papaya is not only a popular fruit but can also be your best friend due to it’s numerous health benefits and treating heartburn is one of them. Papaya is highly enriched by the compound called papain that assists in digestion process.So you can include at least 1 papaya to your regular diet and intake it after your meal. Papaya can be taken in any form, you can go for either freshly extracted papaya juice, or in dried or even a fresh papaya.

Aloe-Vera Juice

Aloe- Vera Juice For Heartburn Relief You are lucky if you have an aloe-vera plant at your home. Aloe-vera is not just a plant but a miracle plant which preserves a number of health benefits that can serve you from head to toe. Aloe-vera juice can be consumed as it contents anti-bacterial and anti-swelling properties along with good amount of vitamin B1, B2, B3, A, C and E which destroys the bacteria that causes heartburn and soothes your upset stomach.


Yogurt For Heartburn Relief Yogurt can be helpful while treating heartburn problem. As calcium enriched food works as antacid to counter balance the acid reflux, so you can opt for such food which contents high level of calcium as yogurt.It at one hand provides you relief from the burning sensation while on the other hand helps in digestion. You can take it at least two times a day after meal. Apart from yogurt, milk or butter can also be taken to get the same benefit.


Citrus Fruits For Heartburn Relief Citrus fruits work effectively in lowering down the symptoms of heartburn. Fruits like oranges or lemons are extremely useful to intake while suffering from heart burn. You can try it any form either extract the juice or simply consume the fruit slowly. Along with the high level of anti-oxidants these fruits are enriched with acetic and ascorbic acids which minimize acid reflux and provide relief from heartburn.


Sea-Food For Heartburn Relief Sea food can be an excellent way to alleviate heartburn problems. Taurine is the ingredient which available in sea food, is immensely helpful in curing heartburn symptoms as it lowers down the gastric acids. You can include the sea-fishes enriched with good amount of taurine to your diet to drive away the heartburn ailments.

5 Superb Foods To Cure Heartburn