5 Best Home Remedies For Removing Tan


Best Home Remedies For Removing Tan

Skin tanning is quite a common problem, especially during the hot summer days. After returning from a beach holiday, you may feel uncomfortable to return to your work because of the tanned face as well as body. But getting rid of tanning is possible with simple home remedies.

These home remedies will not only help you to remove tanning from your skin but will also help you to get your natural skin color back and provide you with fresh, glowing skin. Exfoliation and scrubbing is the best way to get rid of tanned skin. Exfoliation or scrubbing helps to remove the upper dead skin cells and removing tan provides you with fresh skin.

But be gentle with your skin; over-rubbing or trying to remove all the tan in one attempt can damage your skin. Apply these packs regularly for at least a week on your face, neck, arms, hands and other parts of your body to remove tan and get noticeable results. If you have sensitive skin, use a mild scrub as hard granules can leave rashes on your skin. You can also perform a skin test by first applying the pack on the inner side of your arm.

Home Remedies For Removing Tan

1. Lemon

The most popular and effective home remedy for removal of tan is the use of lemon juice. Lemon juice can be used with other ingredients like cucumber juice, rose water etc. to prepare a face pack or can be cut into half and rubbed directly onto the tanned skin. The citric acid present in lemon juice helps to remove dead skin cells and remove tan. For preparing face pack, mix cucumber juice, lemon juice and rose water together.Apply this pack on your face and other tanned areas. Leave it for 5-10 minutes and then wash with clean water. This is a very gentle scrub as cucumber and rose water have cooling properties. But you should avoid this pack if you have cuts and wounds on your skin as it can cause severe pain.

A pack prepared out of honey and lemon juice is also an effective remedy for removing tan from the skin. Another very popular and age old remedy for removing tan is to make a pack using turmeric, lemon juice and raw milk. Apply this pack on the affected area and let it remain on the skin till the pack dries up. Finally, wash your face with cold water to discover a tan-free, fairer and smoother skin.


2. Potato

Potato is a great remedy for removal of tan from the skin. You just have to rub a slice of potato directly on the tanned area. Potato juice can also be applied on the tanned skin with the help of cotton ball for optimal effect. After applying potato juice on the skin, wait for 10-15 minutes. Wash your face with cold water. Regular use of this pack will remove tan completely and provide you with lighter skin.


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3. Sugar And Glycerin

Prepare a scrub using half cup of sugar, 4-5 drops of glycerin and juice of a lemon. This gentle scrub, besides scrubbing the tanned area, leaves your skin soft and light due to the use of glycerin and lemon juice.

Sugar And Glycerin

4. Curd

Curd is also a good remedy for removing tan as it is acidic in nature. Add a pinch of turmeric in a bowl of curd and apply on the tanned area. After 20 minutes, wash off with cold water. All the dead skin cells will be removed and your skin complexion will be brighter.


5. Bananas, Papaya And Tomatoes

Your kitchen is packed with ingredients like tomatoes, papaya, ripe bananas etc. which can also be used to remove tan naturally from the skin without spending money on costly cosmetics.

Bananas, Papaya And Tomatoes