8 Homemade De-Tanning Face Packs You Should Try

Face Packs You Should Try

What can be more wonderful and amazing than a n amazing and cool vacation over the beaches and cool bath in the water parks! This joy would simply not stay much when you would get some tanning over your face! This issue of tanned face would not let you sleep for nights! Women love adorable skin which is even toned, cool and smooth as silk. The joy of enjoying the sun and beautiful weather can sometimes lead to dangerous tanned skin which would make you feel uncomfortable. If you are looking for some de-tanning masks which can get you great results in some time and get you beautiful skin back, you must try these cool home remedies and homemade de-tanning masks which would never fail to get you amazing results!

Try These Masks And Fall In Love With Your Cool And Gorgeous Skin Again

1. Fresh Tomato Juice

Raw tomato juices are filled with the ingredients which would make your skin remove all the tanning. Tomato juice can help in reducing skin pigmentation and would help in regaining the beautiful and bright complexion of your skin. You can mix some fresh tomato juice with lemon juice and apply thick cool and brightening mask on your face and get cool results. Do not forget to use to regularly for quick and amazing results. This is one of the coolest mask which you can try and fight de-tanning in minutes!

Fresh Tomato Juice

2. Banana And Yoghurt Mask

Bananas and yoghurt are widely used for repairing and rejuvenating damaged hair and skin. Bananas are rich with minerals and essential ingredients which would sooth your dark and tanned skin while yogurt has some amazing anti bacterial formulas which would make your skin bright and beautiful. The combination of these cool ingredients would fight the dark, tanned and patchy skin around your face and would provide you with cool, bright and adorable skin!

Banana And Yoghurt Mask

3. Papaya Mask

Papayas are one of the most beneficial fruits which helps in maintaining the glow and charm of your skin! This cool fruit ranks in the top ingredients for fighting tanned skin! The natural properties of papaya remove all the dark and unhealthy skin and give you an intense glow. Crush the papayas and apply the pulp over the face. Let it work on your face for half an hour and then remove with water. Apply this pack 3-4 times a week and get your glorious skin back!

Papaya Mask

4. Potato Mask

Potatoes have all the antibacterial properties which would help in removing the sun tan quickly. Potatoes are suggested for the ladies having patchy and dark skin. It also repairs the under eye dark circles. Potatoes are rich with properties which can make your dull skin bright and glorious. Mix some potato juice with glycerin and apply it over your tanned skin and get cool results. Try this remedy every time for tanned skin and get cool skin back!

Potato Mask

5. Milk Honey And Turmeric Mask

Milk is a skin whitening ingredient which makes the skin moisturized and glorious while keeping it smooth and nourished. Turmeric has amazing skin benefits and one of them is whitening and brightening the skin. Mix milk, a pinch of turmeric and honey. Apply this mixture on your face and remove with water. Soon you will witness the glow and shine in your skin. This mixture would surely work wonders on your skin and make it more beautiful!

Milk Honey And Turmeric Mask

6. Sandalwood Mask

Sandalwood is traditionally used by ladies for skin and hair care. This is a miraculous ingredient which softens the skin like satin and brightens the skin like milk. Sandalwood powder is one of the calming, soothing and healing ingredient which would not only make your skin brightened but also would make it feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

Sandalwood Mask

7. Lemon Juice And Honey Mask

Lemon has amazing skin friendly acids which help I removing the dark and tanned face while honey softens and nourishes the skin. If you have got extremely tanned face, try this amazing face mask and get rid of the sun tanned face soon. Lemon juice is cool and with its amazing de-tanning benefits, this amazing mixture would get cool results for your de-tanned skin.

Lemon Juice And Honey Mask

8. Orange Juice And Glycerin Mask

Glycerin is amazing with orange juice and the mixture of these two cool ingredients would never ever fail to get you a beautiful and glorious skin. Mix orange juice and glycerin and prepare and amazing mask. The rough and puffy eyes along with the dark under eyes can easily be removed by this mask. Apply the mixture of these ingredients on the under eyes and let it work for 15-20 minutes. Then remove the mask and get beautiful bright eyes soon.

Orange Juice And Glycerin Mask