8 Wonderful Home Remedies For Managing Tan On Lips

Home Remedies For Managing Tan On Lips

Tanning over the lips is quite a common condition. The corners of the lips and entire upper lips can sometimes look tanned and pigmented. We all love those gorgeous and stunning [ink lips which can enrich the glory of our smile. The tan and pigmentation can make your lips look darker and uneven. If you are suffering from this sun burn or tan issues, you must try considering the natural ingredients for fighting this problem. The natural ingredients are promising and would never fail to get bright, plumped and pinky lips in some time! If you are looking for some cool home remedies through which you can gain your beautiful, pink and breathtaking rosy lips back and eliminate the tan, here are some promising remedies which would wok miraculously!

Try These Remedies And Make Your Smile Worth A Billion Bucks!

1. Lemon Juice

What can get more beneficial than the ultimate bleaching agent over your tanned lips? If you have dark upper lips, tanned corner and such pigmented skin on your desirable lips, go for lemon juice and fight all these issues in a go! With cool acids, vitamin C rich nutritional value and citric flavor, this amazing food would get you beautiful lips with tangy fragrance! Nothing can work as amazingly on the lip tan as lemon juice. Rub the lemon juice or lemon slices over the affected area daily and get flawless lips in few applications!

Lemon Juice

2. Honey

If you are looking for a soothing ingredient which can nourish your lips while removing the tan, honey is the best ingredient which you can consider. Honey is filled with amazing nutrients and enzymes which have the ability to turn your skin from dark to beautifully pink! For a natural glow, dramatic smoothness and glorious shine, try applying honey on your lips. Rub honey on your lips while massaging gently and this would get you awesome results!


3. Brown Sugar

If you are still unaware about the benefits of brown sugar, this amazing ingredient not only keeps you away from excessive fat but also it can work wonders on your lips. This is a cool scrubbing agent which can nourish your lips and make them gorgeous! Scrubbing agents like these can make your lips look plumped and fuller while removing all the tanning. Thus, rub the brown sugar wit toothbrush or fingers on your lips in a circular motion daily and within few days, your lips would look pretty pink!

Brown Sugar

4. Cucumber

This soothing ingredient takes a place in this list due to its bleaching and soothing properties. Cucumbers are since eras used in skin brightening and sun tan removal! Due to sun tan, smoking, pigmentation or any such reason, if your lips have become darker, you can nourish them with cucumbers and get dazzling results. Rub the cucumber slices over your lips for 15 minutes. This would plump your lips and make them brighter day by day!


5. Yogurt

This cool ingredient with bleaching properties is a natural fermented food with thousands of benefits over sun tan. If your lips are quite dark and you want to brighten them up, a cleansing process is required to make them look bright and clean. You can apply fresh yogurt on your lips daily before going to bed for effective results. Also in the morning, mix some yogurt and turmeric powder and rub your lips with this glorious mixture! Your lips would get bright and rosy pink in just a few days!


6. Rose Water

We love this soothing ingredient which would simply never fail to make your skin bright and elegant! Rose water does not only soften and smoothens your skin, but would also fight the dark patches and pigmentation. If your lips have become dark and patchy due to tanning, this is the correct ingredient to use! Rose water is a refreshing agent which can make your lips look fuller, plumped and brighter! Twice a day rub rose water with some rose petals on your lips and let it work overnight.

Rose Water

7. Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera gel is an amazing natural ingredient which can be used for uncountable skin benefits. Fighting tan is one of the most amazing benefits of this ingredient. Apply fresh aloe Vera gel on your lips daily to fight tan and get rosy pink lips soon!

Aloevera Gel

8. Tomatoes

If you want a kitchens based natural bleaching ingredient, you must use tomatoes which are quick and sharp in giving awesome results! Rubbing tomato juice on the lips would fight the tan and pigmentation leaving you with glorious rosy skin! This natural and sober ingredient would get your lips a jaw dropping clean look with smooth texture!


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