5 Best Home Remedies For Frostbite


Home Remedies For Frostbite

Frostbite occurs when the skin is damaged due to extreme cold. Exposure to severely low temperature for a long period results in the damage of the body tissues and the skin. Though any one can suffer from frostbite, people who have diabetes, peripheral vascular disease, or are taking certain drugs and medicines are more vulnerable and are more likely to be easily affected by cold temperatures.

On being exposed to the cold without any protection for a protracted period, the initial sensation is of pins and needles being continually pricked into the skin. Later the skin becomes absolutely numb and there is no sensation of any kind. The arms and the legs are the first areas to be affected. Sometimes there can be an ache and a throbbing kind of pain.

Severe frostbite can blacken the skin and cause no small amount of damage to the muscles, tendons and bones. It can also cause irreparable harm to the tissues and result in gangrene.

Best Home Remedies For Frostbite

Mustard Oil

Mustard Oil Reduce Frostbite

Mustard oil has heat producing properties which stimulate circulation. Warm some mustard oil and dissolve a piece of camphor into it. Massage the affected areas with warm oil gently. Keep using gentle stokes which will thaw the frozen skin and soften it completely.

The rubefacient properties of mustard oil will produce gentle heat into the skin and the tissues and will enable the blood to circulate freely. It will also prevent the chillness from affecting and damaging the blood vessels.

Warm Compress

Warm Compress Reduce Frostbite

Remove all the wet and soggy clothes and wrap the patient in warm woolen clothes and cover him/her with woolen blankets. Move him/her to a warmer temperature and apply warm compresses to the cheeks, nose, arms and legs.Keep changing the warm water as soon as it loses heat to keep up the warming process. There may be swelling and burning pain when the skin begins to thaw. Once sensation returns, you can stop applying the warm compresses.


After the patient has been bundled into warm and dry clothes, warm some pure ghee and massage the arms legs, face and neck with it. Rub the fingers and toes separately and work gently around them.Ghee has amazing healing and curative powers which bring immediate strength to the tissues, bones and muscles and prevent any damage to them. Ghee will instantly remove the numbness and restore sensation. It will also reduce the swelling and pain.

Ghee To Reduce Frostbite


Grate one big piece of ginger and add it to a glass of boiling water. Boil on a low heat for two minutes then turn off the heat. Strain the tea and stir in two teaspoons of honey. Let the patient sip the tea very slowly. Ginger will immediately raise the body temperature and spread warmth into the body. Give this tea, every few hours.

Ginger To Reduce Frostbite

Holy basil

Holy basil has great healing and curative powers and it is very effective in frostbite because of its warming properties. Crush twenty Holy basil leaves and add them to a pan full of boiling water. Simmer for two or three minutes. Let the patient drink cupfuls of this warm tea as frequently as possible.

Holy Basil Reduce Frostbite