Six Home Remedies For Frostbite


Home Remedies For Frostbite

Frostbite is a condition in which the skin and body is exposed to freezing temperatures. The extremely cold temperature makes the skin numb and hard. Mostly, the exposed body parts are affected by frostbite like fingers, toes and face. Mild frostbite can be treated by making the skin warm and washing it with warm water.

Medical help is required for severe frostbite as it can cause many complications like infection, skin damage, muscle problems and nerve damage. Frostbite can cause itching, burning and pricking in the skin. The skin becomes red, yellow, white and waxy. The joints become stiff and there is formation of blisters.

Frostbite can be due to cold weather and freezing materials like ice. You should cover the skin when it is cold. Do not touch ice and very cold freezing things. Home remedies can help in curing frostbite. The following home remedies for frostbite will give you relief.

Various Home Remedies For Frostbite

Keep The Body Warm

Keep The Body Warm

When you have frostbite, you should go indoors to a warm location. Remove wet clothes and wear fresh clothes. If you are wearing tight jewelry, remove it. You should wrap warm blanket around the body. It will keep the body warm. You can warm the body by putting your hands under the stomach of another person.You can dip the body in warm water. You can dip a cloth in warm water and apply on the affected areas. Blowing warm air can also help in reducing the symptoms of frostbite. Do not rub the body as it can cause harm. Avoid using heater and heating pad.

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera Gel For Frostbite

Aloe Vera gel is very effective in curing frostbite, even if the condition is severe. Apply the gel on the skin many times in a day. You can extract fresh gel from the Aloe Vera plant by breaking the aloe leaf. The aloe gel helps in decreasing inflammation caused by frostbite.It increases the blood circulation in body parts affected by frostbite. Aloe Vera contains Vitamin E, which is very good for the skin. Aloe Vera helps in killing bacteria, virus and fungi. You should use pure Aloe Vera for treating frostbite.

Sage And Mullein Flowers

Sage For Frostbite

Sage is a very good remedy for frostbite. Make a sage concoction by boiling sage in water. Drink this concoction. Mullein flowers can help in curing frostbite. Mix these flowers with little olive oil, crush and make a paste and apply it on the affected body parts. You can also heat olive oil and apply on the affected areas.


Horsetail For Frostbite

Horsetail contains silica and helps in the reconstruction of skin tissues. Horsetail also contains collagen, which helps in cell regeneration. Boil horsetail in water, cool the solution and apply it on the body parts affected by frostbite.

Banana Peel And Onion

Take banana peel and apply on the affected body parts. Take only fresh peel. Application of banana peel helps in decreasing swelling due to frostbite. Onion poultice helps in curing poultice. Mash cold onions and make a poultice. Apply the poultice on the body parts affected by frostbite.

Banana Peel For Frostbite

Cayenne Pepper And Ginger Tea

If you have frostbite, you should consume cayenne pepper. The pepper increases blood circulation and decreases pain caused by frostbite.People who have frostbite should drink ginger tea daily. Ginger tea increases the blood circulation and is very effective in curing frostbite.

Cayenne Pepper For Frostbite