9 Top Home Remedies For Ring Worm

9 Top Home Remedies For Ring Worm

Ringworm is one of the most common contagious fungal infections usually found in case of human beings. This infection is diagnosed by the creation of scaly round patches with the darker boarder around the surface of the skin and the patients usually feel itching and redness with their skin all the time. Most of the people think this disease is caused by the worm; but it is a fungal infection and it should not be neglected at anyhow. Here we will discuss some of the easiest and affordable home remedies that can easily cure the ringworm related infections., without causing any side-effect

Following Home remedies For Ring Worm:

Use Pure Tea Tree Oil

The tea tree oil is the richest source of antifungal and antiseptic properties those usually fight with the skin related diseases. The patient needs to dip a cotton ball into 100% pure tea tree oil and   should squeeze the cotton ball to remove the excess oil. Then cotton is to be applied on the infected area for 3 to 5 times a day to remove the ringworm easily.

Tea Tree Oil
Use Garlic Extracts

The patient needs to peel off 5 to 6 numbers of garlic cloves and should cut it into pieces. Then those pieces should be placed on the affected area and a bandage is to be wrapped around the affected area and should be left for overnight. In the morning those areas should be rinsed with lukewarm water to get benefits.

Garlic Paste
Use Myrrh Paste

In the first stage the patient needs to prepare a paste by mixing equal amounts of myrrh and Goldenseal along with pure water. Then the mixture is to be applied on the ringworm affected areas for 3 times a day to get optimum results.

Use Myrrh Paste
Drink Lemongrass Tea

The lemongrass is the best agent for curing skin related issues like the itching and the redness. To cure the ring worm the patient needs to take lemongrass tea 4 times a day along with placing the tea bags on the infected areas.

Drink Lemongrass Tea
Use Of Olive Leaf

The olive leaves usually boost the immune system of the body and these resists the infections of the skins. So the patient needs to take 5 to 6 numbers of olive leaves regularly to feel light and to ease the infections. Apart from this the patient can directly intake the olive oil to get benefits in case of ringworm infections.

Olive Leaf
Use A Mixture Of Vinegar And Salt

This remedy gives quick result in case of ringworm and the patient needs to prepare a paste by mixing equal amounts of vinegar and salt in a bowl. Then this paste should be applied on the ringworm affected areas and leave for 10 minutes. Then the affected area should be rinsed with warm water to get inhibit the itching and the growth of ringworm.

Diluted Vinegar
Use Of Aloe Vera Gel

This herb is one of the most beneficial herbs in case of skin related issues. The person needs to collect the fresh leaves of aloe Vera plant and extract the gels from it. Then this gel should be applied in the night time over the infections for better results.

Apply Aloe Vera Gel
Use Of Neem

Neem is rich sources of antimicrobial and antiseptic properties and this plant leaves inhibits the growth of the ring worms. The person needs to combine equal amounts of turmeric powder, Aloe Vera gel, crushed neem leaves, and rose water to prepare a paste. Then the paste should be applied on the infected area for 20 minutes for best results.

Colloidal Silver Liquid

The patient needs to apply colloidal silver liquid on the affected areas for 3 to 4 times a day to get benefits from the ringworm infections.

Colloidal Silver Liquid