8 Quick DIY Home Solutions For Smelly Feet


DIY Home Solutions For Smelly Feet

First day of your college or office or your going for dinner date on someone special’s house, you’re all ready to look best and show your cool and charming personality and suddenly someone ask you to enter the room after removing your shoes off! The only thing running madly over your mind is “I hope my Feet don’t smell bad”. Your confidence level will be zero, people will start calling you smelly cat or nasty, it will be even more bad then your worst nightmare. So make sure you don’t have to face such terrible situations. Mostly the reasons for smelly feet are sweat releases and bacteria that eat your sweat which spread weird smell like burning acid around you. Here I have some amazing homemade hacks for smelly Feet to try right now. You must know that bad smell send the signal of pain to the brain and thus with these remedies, throw your shoes away confidently!

1. Baking Soda And Citrus Paste:

Baking Soda and citrus have amazing qualities to make your feet Fungus free, bacterial free and it also removes the bad smell. Take mild hot water in tub, now mix baking soda into it, you can add little lemon as well. Marinate your feet in the water for 15-20 minutes. You’ll see the difference in short time.

Baking Soda And Citrus Paste

2. Epsom Salt Warm Water:

Epsom salt is useful in mostly all of the beauty and pain reliving hacks, Apart it has some very special quality to make your Feet’s odor free and healthy. Take a comfortable tub for your feet. Add little Luke warm water to it then add little bit of Epsom salt to it. Repeat this procedure for the next 30 days. You will only have to give 30 minutes to it.

Epsom Salt Warm Water

3. Apply Hand Sanitizer On Your Feet After Bath:

Hand sanitizers are made for killing every day bacteria on your hands. But have you ever though it can also help you in removing your smelly feet’s odor. Yes, you just have to rub a few drops of hand sanitizer on your feet daily after taking shower or washing your feet. And in few days you will find your feet smell free and healthy.

Hand Sanitizer

4. Give Your Feet Rosemary And Sage Footbath:

Rosemary and Sage have some amazing antibacterial and anti fungal qualities which will help you in removing in kicking off sweat and bacteria. You only have to soak your feet for 30 minutes. You can do it while watching TV, playing games or simply while working on your laptop.


5. Use Merino Wool Socks:

Merino wool has terrific insulating properties which can keep your feet warm during winter and cool during summer. It absorbs sweat very nicely and locks the odor and sweat inside, which will get evaporated in the air. Due to which microbes cannot eat the sweat and it will automatically avoid that bad smell. Merino wool socks are generally available in linings and it is naturally anti-bacterial. It gets dry quickly, because of its rough structure bacteria and microorganisms cannot stay inside it.

Wool Socks

6. Give Your Feet Black Tea Footbath:

Tea contains huge amount of tannic and tannic acid which is not suitable for bacteria and micro-organisms and reduce sweat glands. Take a tub or container, put 2-3 glasses of water hot or boiling water in it and dip 5-6 tea bags inside for 10 minutes and let it mix perfectly with water. Get your feet light weighted and relaxed with this amazing and highly beneficial footbath for 20 minutes a day.

Give Your Feet Black Tea Footbath

7. Lavender Oil Foot Soak:

Lavender oil foot soak can help you in getting rid of foot smell permanently. It has mesmerizing smell which can keep your feet fresh and fragrant but it also has amazing anti bacterial and anti fungal properties which will help your feet to stay away from various bacteria and infections. It is also good for cracks, wounds, cuts and blisters because of its soothing properties. You will need a container for your feet to get in comfortably, few drops of lavender oil and warm water.

Lavender Oil Foot Soak

8. Use Lemon:

Rub lemon on your feet before taking a bath for 15-20 minutes. It will kill the bacteria and micro-organisms on your feet. Apart from this it will also help in removing dark skin and make your feet’s skin fresh and sweat free. Prepare soak by adding drops of lemon juice oil in warm water and let your feet in for 20 minutes. You can try this soak 2 times a day.

Use Lemon

Try the above mentioned remedies to get rid of smelly feet and you will actually see the difference after the continuous use of it.