5 Benefits Of Aromatherapy Facials You Should Know


Aromatherapy Facials You Should Know

Most of you must have heard about Aroma Therapy facials and i am sure most of you must have indulged in as well. Aromatherapy facial is one of the best ways to pamper your skin and rejuvenate it. As you must be aware that aroma facials are done with the mixture of precious essential oils which are very beneficial for our skin. Hence nowadays most of the people are opting for these facials. Today we would be discussing few more benefits of these aromatherapy facials.

So Let’s Get Started:

1. Cleansing:

Like any other facial , Aroma therapy facials also follows cleansing as a first step to start the facial treatment which also include the steaming. The steaming process allows to open up the skin pores and pull out the dirt as well as impurities from it. This session lasts up to 15 minutes. During the steaming, the essential oils are also applied on the skin with the help of a cotton ball to keep it hydrated. Since most of the essential oils works as best cleansers hence it speeds up the cleansing process and removes the every single trace of dirt from your skin.


2. Fine Lines:

Most of the essential oils and carrier oils contains high level of anti oxidants. Hence they are considered as one of the best ingredients for anti ageing treatment. The essential oils used during the aroma therapy facials help to work on the fine lines and wrinkles. If you talk about jojoba oil or Olive oil, it helps to clear the blemishes an fine lines on your forehead as well as on the cheek areas. Even the aroma therapy toners are used in the treatment to enhance the results.

Fine Lines

3. Exfoliation:

This is one of the most important step in any facial. It helps to remove the dead skin cells from the upper layer of your skin and promote the fresh skin cells. Even in aromatherapy facials, the scrubs infused with essential oils helps to get rid of dead skin and keep your skin soft as well as supple. Due to its essential oil content it also helps to tighten the skin pores. Hence these facials are also known as one of the best anti ageing facials. So next time when you hit the salon do ask your beautician to pamper your skin.


4. Soothing Skin:

One of the most important reason to opt for any facial is to relax your skin muscles. The long and intensive massage sessions relax our skin and our mind too. Since aroma therapy facials include essential oils and aromatherapy products , it helps to calm down your senses. The ambiance with the scented candles and heavenly aroma of the essential oil definitely lifts your mood.

Soothing Skin

5. Skin Loves Essential Oils:

Essential oils are part of Aromatherapy facials.As you must be aware that there are different types of oils available which should be applied according to our skin types. In Aromatherapy facials essential oils are choosen according to your ski  type and skin concern. Aroma therapy facials works best on pimple prone and damaged skin as well. The oils which are used for oily skin are lemon oil, tea tree oil, orange oil and lemongrass oil. The oils used for dry skin are Rose oil, lavender oil and jasmine oil. For sensitive skin Vetiver oil or neroli oil is used while for normal skin chamomile oil and sandalwood oils are used.

Skin Loves Essential Oils

Since now you are aware of the goodness of Aromatherapy facials, I am sure your would definitely pamper your skin with this on coming weekend. Do share your experience with us.