6 Important Organs Which Are Affected By Stess

Organs Which Are Affected By Stess

Have you felt adrenaline rush!! The answer must be yes. Why not most of us go through stressful situations in everyday life, and adrenaline is the one that saves us. Stress is a feeling of anxiety or fear which most of us have an experience of. We come across plenty of Stress full situations in our day to day life. I may start from the moment you wake up and check the time realizing you are already late to work or it can be in a real troublesome situation with your credit card bill. Sometimes your stress levels go beyond restriction and will lead to a panic like situation which will lead to severe headache and trauma.

Headache is a symptom which you can feel after a stressful situation, but there are many other effects of stress which we are unaware of. How many of you know that Stress is killing your organs on day to day basis. Almost every organ in our body starting from the skin and ending with the digestive system is victims of stress. Here is a comprehensive data on how stress affects your body.

1. Stress Effect On Brain:

Chronic stress and anxiety causes brain damage. Cortisol is the hormone which is released during stressful situations to manage it. Cortisol release in required quantity is helpful to you, but, excess cortisol is an enemy to your body. It leads to weight gain, digestive problems, hormonal imbalance and memory problems. It is also responsible for the release of free radicals, which damage the brain cells by rupturing them. Stress leads to depletion on the brain metabolism and thus causing depression and mental illness. Sudden mood swings, anger , irritability are some of the symptoms of the effects of stress on brain.

Stress Effect On Brain

2. Stress Causes Heart Problems:

It is not medically proven that stress causes heart attack. But it is known that during anxiety and stress our blood pressure goes up. Due to which we are likely to smoke . this can further lead to changes in the blood clots leading to heart attack. During stress we avoid exercising leading to increased cholesterol levels and is a threat to your heart. Hence maintaining stress is the best idea to lead a healthy life.

Stress Causes Heart Problems

3. Gut Or Digestive System Problems Caused By Stress:

we call it acidity. Most of us face a trouble of burning sensation in our gut which extends till the upper portion of the heart. This is called heartburn in some areas. This is due to excessive acid produced in the stomach during stressful situations which can lead to indigestion. Excessive stress causes oesophagus spasm. Stress affects your colon causing diarrhea or constipation. The reason is digestive system is controlled by central nervous system. The CNS shuts down blood supply to your gut when it releases stress hormones.

 Gut Or Digestive System Problems Caused By Stress

4. Skin And Stress Issues:

Most of us know that dark circles around your eyes are due to stress. Similarly, many skin problems are related to stress in day to day life. Generally you sweat a lot during stressful situations, due to production of cortisol. The oily skin is prone to skin infections and acne.


5. Reproduction Related Issues Because Of Stress:

Reproductive system is the one which is worst hit in stress, as it is all related to hormone generation. Stress is said to be a natural contraceptive. Stress can affect the levels of oestrogen and testosterone weakening the reproductive chances. Other effects include, missing the periods, increasing the chances of PMS, and changes in the libido.


Handling stress is very important if you would like to balance your life well. to lead a healthy and fit life keep stress away from you as much as possible.