5 Effective Diet Treatment For Warts


Diet Treatment For Warts Warts are small, mostly painless growths on the skin surface caused by the HPV or human pappilomavirus. Warts which resemble small blisters may be flat and smooth or slightly raised with a rough texture. Although warts can grow in different parts of the body, they typically appear on the hands, legs, soles of the feet and on the face. This contagious viral skin infection is normally transmitted from person to person by touch.Common warts spontaneously disappear within twelve to eighteen months. However, there are numerous simple treatment measures which include dietary changes that can help to control the problem of skin warts. Medical research has shown that eating foods high in acid is the most effective natural option to get rid of existing warts and also to prevent new warts from developing. Some successful diet remedies for common skin warts are mentioned in this article.

Effective Diet Treatments for Warts


Carrots For Warts Individuals who have too many warts on their body should eat plenty of carrots. Carrots are rich sources of beta carotene. Beta carotene a carotenoid is a precursor to vitamin A. Beta Carotene which boosts immunity and improves vision can also cure viral skin infections like plantar warts. People who have skin warts should consume two to three raw carrots a day either in the form of salads or as freshly prepared juice. Additionally, to cure warts you can also consume other foods rich in beta carotene like cherries, bananas, watermelon, blueberries and turnips (to name a few).

Egg Yolks

Egg Yolks For Warts Incorporate plenty of folic acid rich foods like egg yolks to get rid of annoying warts. A marked deficiency in folic acid, a B vitamin, can trigger genital warts. People who suffer from painful genital warts can observe a rapid decline in the number of warts after consuming folic acid rich foods like egg yolks. Furthermore, incorporating folic acid rich foods like egg yolk in the daily diet can also accelerate cell growth and reproduction. Besides egg yolk you can also include other folic acid rich foods like broccoli, lentils, oranges and asparagus (to name a few), into the daily diet.

Dark Green Leafy Vegetables

Green Leafy Vegetables For Warts Eat plenty of dark green leafy vegetables like kale, collards, mustard greens and spinach to boost the immune system and fight viral infections like HPV. Dark green leafy vegetables which are rich sources of calcium and B-vitamins should be eaten raw as far as possible, as most cooking processes will destroy the nutrients which are present in them. Consuming fresh salads prepared from green leafy vegetables can accelerate the healing process of skin warts. Green leafy vegetables are rich sources of numerous potent antioxidants as well. These antioxidants can neutralize cell and tissue damage due to viral infections like HPV.


Oranges For Warts Oranges are rich dietary sources of vitamin C. Vitamin C which has strong antiviral capacity is also known to boost the immune system. Individuals with strong immune system can fight common viral Infections including HPV infection. Eating vitamin C rich foods like oranges on a regular basis can help to cure existing warts and prevent the formation of new skin warts. Watermelons, grapefruits, tomatoes and pineapple are some other dietary sources of vitamin C.


Almonds For Warts Eat a fistful of almonds every single day to get rid of skin warts. Almonds are rich natural sources of vitamin E. Consuming foods rich in vitamin E, like almonds, is a sure fire way to get rid of skin warts. Additionally, eating vitamin E rich foods can also help to improve the overall skin health. Individuals who consumed almonds regularly noticed a marked decrease in the number of skin warts in just a few months time. Individuals having annoying skin warts can also incorporate other vitamin E rich foods like wheat germ, broccoli, sunflower seeds and hazelnuts into their daily diet plan.

5 Effective Diet Treatment For Warts