5 Best Foods To Cure Joint Pain

Cure Joint Pain

Pain in the joints can severely restrict your movements and completely disrupt your normal life. It happens due to damage to the cartilages in the joints. Inflammation in the joints can be the main reason behind the stiffness and swelling that you are experiencing. Although, there are medications available that provide relief from the pain, these are not a permanent solution to this problem.

Joint pain is associated with aging, but it is increasingly being seen in the younger generation due to a faulty diet and lifestyle. It is best to take a look at your diet that might be the main factor behind the inflammation that is causing joint pain. There are certain foods that help to reduce inflammation drastically and can be very helpful in curing joint pain when taken regularly. Take a look at some of these foods that you can include in your daily diet that will help improve your digestion and eliminate inflammation.

Best Foods To Cure Joint Pain

Turmeric And Ginger

These spices are the best cures for joint pain as they help to reduce inflammation in your body. Add turmeric to your cooking to get its best health benefits.

Turmeric And Ginger

Mix a teaspoon of turmeric powder to a glass of warm milk and have at bedtime daily. This will help cure your joint pain effectively. Ginger juice should be mixed with honey and taken regularly to provide relief from joint pain. Also, add ginger while cooking dishes, and sprinkle sliced ginger on the salads.


Pineapple is one of the best foods that helps cure joint pain. It contains bromelain, a special substance that has powerful anti-inflammatory action and can help cure joint pain effectively. Have a few slices of pineapple daily in order to get relief from joint pain. Make it a point to have fresh pineapple only. Do not have the canned form as it contains excess sugar which can irritate your joints further.



Another effective food that cures joint pain, salmons are rich in omega3 fatty acids that help reduce inflammation in the joints. Have this fatty fish daily to get its best health benefits. You can also consume other cold water fish like tuna and mackerels which are also good sources of omega3 fatty acids and will help reduce joint pain effectively.


Olive Oil

Olive oil provides immense health benefits and should be used in daily cooking if you are suffering from joint pain. It contains powerful antioxidants that help maintain the tissue health in your body and help prevent joint pain. Olive oil is also low in calories and is a healthy option as it helps control weight which can be a major factor behind joint pain caused due to obesity.

Olive Oil

Green Tea

Green tea is packed with natural antioxidants and is the best health drink that can provide relief from joint pain as well. So, have green tea regularly at least three to four times a day if you are suffering from joint pain. Regular consumption will also keep your joints healthy and prevent pain. You can add a little lemon juice to green tea to get its best health benefits.

Green tea